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PRBOOM-PLUS Sky Question (Wadinfo?)

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Ok. I've looked around and maybe I'm stuck, or missing a syntax.

I'm creating one large PWAD made from many other PWADs. Changing the Map markers so they all play sequentially.

Some of the PWADS have custom skies.

And I've allowed for that in the P_START/P_END lumps, the Texture1 Lump, etc.

But when they are skies...

Is there a way for PRBOOM-PLUS, to specify a custom sky name (not sky1, sky2, sky3) for the particular map?

Map01 = default sky
Map02 = star field sky


If not, that's fine, I just figured there must be a way.

I've tried WADINFO lump, GLDEFS, etc. And I probably am missing something.

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Unfortunately, there's no way to assign unique skies to levels as easily as in ZDoom, for example. You'll have to edit the maps themselves - there's a couple of actions in Boom (271 and 272) that allow binding unique skies to sector tags.

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Da Werecat said:

there's a couple of actions in Boom MBF (271 and 272)

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PRBoom+ supports MBF line actions 271 and 272, even in -complevel 9, which is "Boom format".

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And it still doesn't support any other way to set non-standart skies. At least it didn't when I last checked.

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I'm fairly certain the MBF sky transfers are the only way to get custom skies per map in PrBoom+. Unless it has support for a MAPINFO-like lump to assign skies like that (if it does, then its news to me).

So Tolwyn, to answer you question (assuming I'm right about the above), the only way to do what you want is to go into each map and manually setup the skies for each using the MBF sky transfer specials (271, 272). These are MBF line actions, but PrBoom+ and most advanced ports support this. It's going to be a lot more work though since it requires you to make dummy sectors with the line actions, and then tag all of the F_SKY1 sectors (and in cases where there is already a tag in a sky sector, you will have to make extra sky transfer lines for those tags). It's a lot more tedious than setting up something like a MAPINFO lump, unfortunately.

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