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jCoop - Map01

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Over 9 years I've been in and out of the zdoom multiplayer scene and I've never created a doomworld forum account, and it took the release of a new doom for me to do that, weird.

Anyways - I posted this over on the bethesda forums, but I want to point as many people as I can at it - my solo/coop snapmap.

Big image:

This is jCoop!
  • Over 35 hours of design went into this map!
  • Multiplayer scaling - solo for bragging rights or bring your friends; the difficulty increases with more than 2 players.
  • Run and gun - classic gameplay feel and difficulty.
  • Secrets, secrets, secrets - you'll likely need them to complete the map!
  • A par time of 24 minutes - this is a self encompassed campaign!
  • Life system - keep fighting till your end, then twice more.
  • Top the charts - Bonus points for keeping those lives, and finding all the secrets...

I have been working on this since release, I wanted to create something you might have seen in the campaign - well, as much as that was possible. This is a result of testing over and over again to get everything perfect - and I want to send a big thanks to my friends for helping me test:

Thanks Matt and Nick!

also thanks to these Bethesda forum users for their feedback:


Here is the map code:


...or search for "jCoop"

Enjoy! Comments and criticisms welcomed!

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Very Good! Very fun solo/coop map, and I've tried a few of the popular featured maps. I just noticed the scoreboard as well with hi score tables. Not sure if this is something you added, or it is a standard feature of snapmap. I also like that you give health like the main campaign for glory kills. the only having one weapon at a time was a design decision? I see that the ammo pickups are generic for all weapons? Presumably the enemies will get tougher with the choice of weapon being better as you go?

In the main Doom campaign I only just finished Argent Tower, so my first time facing a pinky or caco :P

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Hey, thanks for trying my map!

The hi-scores are there for every snapmap, you can hit 'r' in lobby and see them.

You can carry 2 weapons at a time in multipler/snapmap, and that is a limitation imposed by the game, not me - I just had to work with it.

There are quite a few weapons scattered in that map, most are hidden in secret areas.

The generic ammo is also imposed by the game, you can't give ammo for certain weapons, either everything gets ammo or nothing does.

Again, thanks for trying it out.

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Gonna check it out now. It seems you and I had the same idea and put a ton of time into our maps to get it right! Check mine out if you will. It's got it's own thread here as well. Co-op campaign: Core Meltdown. See what ya think!

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Just tried it out. It's pretty cool. Those hellknights are a pain in the ass! Seems like they never die!
I like how that secret room is activated by triggering it. I need to implement that in my next one. I didn't make it past the room with the three waves in it with one of the power cores. I died 3 times so I guess that was it.
One thing I did notice is when I died it respawned me back in the first room. Not sure if that's intentional.
Seems pretty legit though. I'll save it and give it another shot tomorrow.

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