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What do different formats change in GZdoom builder?

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Your desires are at cross-purposes. The format that gives you the most features isn't the one with the widest possible audience.

Vanilla -- i.e., a map that works in the original doom2.exe, mapped using "Doom: Doom 2 (Doom format)" and tested in doom2.exe (or a port like Chocolate Doom, provided you're aware of the doom2.exe-specific bugs that Chocolate Doom fixes) -- will give you the widest possible audience, because every port will be able to play it.

(G)ZDoom in UDMF -- there's basically no reason to use (G)ZDoom in Doom or (G)ZDoom in Hexen, which are obsolete because of UDMF -- will give you the most features, but will exclude people who don't play on those ports.

But it really sounds like you just want the most features, and most casual players seem to use (G)ZDoom anyway, so you should map in UDMF.

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OK, the thing is, a format like UDMF has a lot of features, and it certainly gives you a lot of freedom to do a lot of stuff. Unfortunately, your maps will only be playable in a handful of ports (currently only G/ZDoom, Zandronum, Vavoom [outdated], and Eternity [in the near future]). On the other hand, if you use Doom format, your maps will be playable in every source port, therefore reaching a much larger audience. The "problem" is that it has severe limitations (you can still find your way around some of them, but it can be a pain in the ass), so you will probably not be able to do what you want. Then there's the "middle ground" (Boom format) which gives you more freedom than Doom format (but less than UDMF), and it's playable in most modern ports (with notable exceptions being Chocolate Doom and stuff like that).

I hope that helps.

EDIT: Also, what rdwpa said.

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burgerobot said:

I've been doing GZdoom in doom format for some stupid reason, because... Well... I don't really know why to be honest.

To be honest, it is actually a good idea to make at least a couple of maps in Doom format, that way you will see how Doom actually works without all the extra stuff added by source ports, then probably get used to Boom for a little bit before actually starting with UDMF, that way you will probably be able to do a lot more, given your experience with the "minor" formats. But of course, that's just my opinion. If you want to start with UDMF right away, please do so. I'm sure either way, you'll find how cool Doom mapping can be.

Good luck.

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Indeed UDMF gives you MAXIMUM features to work with. However if you use UDMF many classic Doom players won't be able to run your map, as they tend to use non UDMF compatible sourceports such as Chocolate Doom and Boom.

UDMF is great for Zandronum, Zdoom and GZDoom sourceports.

The most common and ideal sourceport for singelplayer UDMF maps is GZDoom. The best UDMF multiplayer sourceport is Zandronum. Your UDMF map should run on both formats just fine, mostly.

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