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Unarmoured Pinkies

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I've seen a number of SnapMaps using Pinkies without their external armour.

Is there a way to disable the armour, or is it just not there by default?

I'm still new using the SnapMap feature, so I'm really unsure about this and I'm not sure if the answer is obvious.

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The Pinkies in snapmap are unarmoured by default. There's no way to get the armoured version as far as I know.

The normal Mancubus and the Cyber-Mancubus are seperate creatures, though.

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Ah okay. That answers that.

It's weird because in the editing mode, they appear to have their armour.

My guess is that the armour was a later addition to the campaign after SnapMap was already pretty much finished (which matches some earlier gameplay footage where the pinkies have no face armour).

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