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Upcoming zombie survival map - A couple questions

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Hello Doom World!

This is my first post. I have a few questions and also am looking for feedback or ideas about my current project.

I am currently working on my 3rd map. My first two were ok but this one I think is really something special. I'm hoping it will end up fairly high in the search results. Basically it's a horror-survival zombies map. The player assumes the role of a lowly Janitor working in a UAC lab when disaster strikes. Following an explosion and loss of power he finds himself thrust in a building full of zombies. In order to give a true zombie experience I am only using the first 3 demons. Their health is boosted to 1000% (about 4 shotgun blasts and Marlee) and they kill the player in 2 hits. The map is highly themed and relies on a lot of darkness. I know dark maps are frowned upon but for horror survival it's a must. You will find yourself in clastrophobic dark spaces with the sounds of zombie growls all around you - The scary element I felt missing from original Doom.

So now that I have given the backstory on my upcoming map let me ask a few questions:

1. Is it possible to make a player start with no weapon? On this map you literally start out in a janitors closet with the objective of grabbing a mop so holding a shotgun doesn't really fit.

2. Can the player be given the chainsaw?

3. How do you feel about dark maps? Assuming that red lighting is used so you can navigate but most corners are black so you can't see the zombies hiding (who are set to ambush mode).

4. Unfortunately my map has already used a lot of resources. The first room (janitors closet) actually used 10% of the network and objects because I wanted a strong opening to the map. I want the player to feel like it's a normal day as a janitor and actually feel the dread when they hear the explosion, see the lights cut out and turn to a red glow and hear the facility voice tell them that all is not well.. Now my question here - Would it be better to end the map sooner than I would like or continue in a 2nd map part 2?

5. If I have a part 2 map how should I handle it? I considered having a room in the beginning that gives a player a message to pick up the equipment they finished part 1 with. Of course this relies on player honesty..

I want there to be a certain flow to this. Basically getting the power on first of all. Second discovering the cause of the zombies by searching the lead scientists computer and finally either choosing to escape by opening the escape door or destroying the facility and sacrificing yourself.

Edit: I wanted to post two preview screenshots that show the serious work and logic that went into just the first room:



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Sounds cool. Have you tried using custom spawn encounters rather than the actual zombies? Uses much less memory and is quite user friendly.
Not sure about no weapon. You could try the play inventory and on spawned take away shotgun? Dunno if that's possible though. I've only used it to add weapons.

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I have used the custom spawns before but didn't know they took less resources. I have my zombies set to spawn once a player enters a nearby area then they are deleted if the player leaves any alive when they reach a certain point. I might have to try out the spawn idea because resources run out fast for me!!

I had the same idea about removing the weapon but I'm still not sure if it's possible. It would be great, otherwise my back up plan was to give him a weapon and try to call it something different (like the laser rifle and make it some type of tool used for cutting) but I'm not sure that's possible either. I think I will have to test out your idea though.

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In response to your first two questions: No, and no.

You can't start without any weapons. The most you can do is take all of the player's ammo. There's also no chainsaw in SnapMap, which really sucks. There's no berserk powerup, either!

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Ah well. I guess the player can assume that the shotgun is a requirement for all UAC employees, even janitors. What about my other questions? I know they are more opinion based but I could use the advice.

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