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Survival maps? (Your favorites so far)

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What are some of your favorite survival maps so far? It's a great concept, just looking to see what people think has done it best so far.

I enjoyed one called Soul Reapers v1.2

In general I think having options to get health and ammo, either by respawning or points to buy them, is key. And just having a good flow to throwing the monsters at you, and also being able to get a super shotgun sooner than later. And level design is good too, though you can have fun in one room as well.

Post your fav or two!

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I'll be the arrogant self-centered prick and say my survival map (Damnnation; Z4DNAZLL) is my favorite. :P
Although Soul Reapers is a good competitor, i must say.

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Thanks all!


Please try my map HMTB7S82 if you like survival maps. Worked hard on it. Let me know what you think.

Pretty cool! I saw it says made for 4 player, but I had had fun playing SP. Made it up to wave 8 or 9, 105 kills. I would dig a super shotgun at some point (maybe you drop one in later), but was glad to have grenades for the shield guys.

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Oh thanx man! If you make it past wave 9 u get your choice of lots of guns (including super shotty). They spawn after every 9 waves. Some cool effects and changes to the level happen at each 9th set of waves aswell.
I plan to tweak the level a bit soon. Gonna add in armour drops aswell as health to ease the difficulty a bit.

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