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SP musts (pin?)

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Dunno if you can/want to pin something like this but when someone like redrage does what he did (simple clean modular checkpoints) I think it should be pinned so all SP maps use it imo.

Also the trick to keeping inventory on respawn...essential imo.

These things give me hope that SP is not a total snapLOSS!

What else for SP musts??

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What we need is a thread with pretty much every snap map Tutorial you me or anyone else can find. Snapwiki is pretty uninformative at the moment.

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Ive been thinking about this thread a lot. I feel flattered that you mention me.

I have mixed feelings about http://snapwiki.doom.com

On one hand my fingers are itching to get in there and start contributing, on the other hand its an "official" resource (yuck) and whats on there at the moment is extremely lackluster. It looks like autogenerated docs. Even those are incomplete (look up game settings for example) and all the "tips" seem user supplied.

There is an article on the 12 active monster limit which I think is "official" (although I have no way to check, so this is a belly feeling) and it has a)falsehoods (not being able to set ai makes a spawner not equal to placing an actual monster) b)with the info presented there I cannot get it to work as they describe (i.e. auto cleanup).

I would much rather contribute to an unofficial, albeit centralized source for doom snapmap. One where we can truly discus and find solutions to the lackluster functionality snapmap offers in certain area's (case in point; look at how they present a "solution" to the 2 weapon limit on snapwiki.doom.com; we all know that its hugely inadequate).

Regretfully I don't know of one. Ideally it would offer an actual way of storing and displaying logic chains that go beyond a screenshot with additional text. It would be magnificent if we could actually really (re)create the chains and set the properties accordingly. People could vote for popular or useful patterns and you could print them or open the webpage on your second monitor to recreate it in your level. Regretfully I do not know of such a source and am unable to create it myself (I simply do not have the time).

It does pain me because, as my own level grows, I keep running into either resource issues or issues of keeping things manageable (I hate opening it at this point, its that bad). For some reason I am also at 90% network and I have no idea why (it seems its a matter of props or fx, nodes seem to have zero influence). Strangely enough i've played levels which were absolutely littered with props, much more so then mine is atm. So it feels like im missing something when it comes to the network resource (its probably a misnomer to keep things "simple"). If anyone has higher insight into what "network" actually entails i'd love to hear about it!

Either way im still optimizing, recently created a single music player that I trigger from anywhere in the level by setting a simple boolean "bool in combat" to true or false. If I set it to true; combat music plays, if I set it to false; idle music plays. This completely removes the need to have the music node in my level anywhere but in my nodes module.

I am currently working on a similair system with lockdowns. Where I make the locking mechanism of the doors modular as well (not modular as in a single snapmap module), thereby greatly reducing the node spiderweb and having the custom encounters become a lot more understandable and manageable.

I may turn those two findings into a tutorial as well once I have them implemented in my level and see them working and actually being beneficial.

I also noticed another user posting a video on how to make certain a module is clear of monsters before proceeding by using an AI iterator and a module filter. Pure genius (although he did forget to pause the AI director which is a necessity but we all forget things). I feel something of a guide on how to (really) deal with the 12 active monster limit with practical examples is also sorely needed. I wasted so much goddamn time figuring that stuff out the first time, essentially having to redo huge parts of my level. I am certain many people ran into it and its kinda sad to know that that disappointment could actually had been avoided if the snapmap devs had chosen to be upfront about this principle/limitation.

Ah well, long story short. I'd love to have a true resource of our "own". If we had I'd be more then happy to contribute to it.

Seems Tom Mustain is one of the editors on there. I am not familiar with wiki but you can see under history what parts he contributed. I am curious who wrote the piece on the 12 active AI limit.


Appearantly its "KDearnley" who wrote the page on the 12 active AI. I think that refers to Kirsten Dearnley who is the "Technical Writer" for Doom 2016. Her user page on snapwiki does not exist so I do not know how to contact her. I am really curious what the exact criteria are where the AI director manages monsters that are brought to live by spawners when the 12 monster limit is reached as she implied in the article. I am certain its true, its just rather useless if we do not know the exact circumstances under which it triggers.


Humor; today (2016-05-27) a paragraph was added by KDearnley about non linear checkpoints linking to my tutorial. I think we did good as DoomWorld to have one of "our" tutorials referred to from the SnapWiki. ;) Hint: we need more powerusers to write tutorials on generally useful stuff they applied in their maps.

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