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The whole Doom/Doom II soundtrack re-recorded in a conservative/faithful fashion

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Hey guys! This is actually the first time I'm posting here. I just wanted to show you something I did.

I recorded the entire Doom and Doom II soundtrack with real guitars and bass (plus some mellotron and triangle). I wanted to do something more conservative and faithful to the originals than the usual thing that is done with the Doom soundtrack. So if you're interested, take a listen here:

Doom 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1y4IhXjX2Vw
Doom II: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyxgTWqsm20

If you want to download the album (or just a couple of songs), the links are here:

Doom 1: https://cotecio.bandcamp.com/album/doom-remakes-remade
Doom II: https://cotecio.bandcamp.com/album/doom-ii-remakes

I hope you guys enjoy this!

(A quick note: I did the Doom 1 soundtrack back in 2009, apparently some people know about that project around here, but this is a different thing, consider this an enhanced and more polished version of that project.)

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So you're here now. Welcome!

I listened to your version of the OST years ago, it's easily one of my favorite renditions.

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Sounds nice, but could you please split it into multiple videos... please? Rewinding this manually and searching for your favourite track is a real pain in the neck.
But still, E1M5 and E1M8 sounded damn good.

EDIT: oh my, I didn't even NOTICE the second link

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Hey guys, thanks for the feedback!

The art was done by the sister of a friend of mine. I have no abilities with drawing at all!

The YouTube video has time links in the description so you can jump across the tracks without having to look for them!

Now, the Doom II soundtrack done in the same fashion!


If you want to download that one, here


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