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Chapter/Episodes in Doom II?

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So, I was wondering how I could make it so that there are chapters and episodes in Doom II just like the first game. I saw an example of this in the Brutal Doom: Hell on Earth starter pack.

Does anybody know how I could do this?

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You need to make a MAPINFO file. the basic format is pretty simple, just type:

episode <level where it starts>
name "<name of episode>"
for every episode you will have (no max as far as I can tell but if you have too many it will run off the screen)

and :
map <name of wad or level file, no extension> "<name>"

//titlepatch "CWILV00" <for, say, level 2 it would be CWILV00>
next "<next level file name (no extension)>"
secretnext "<same as before, but if you have a secret level put its name instead>"
sky1 "<skybox>"
cluster 1 <use for clusterdefs>
par <par time>
music <music>
ExitPic "<picture for the next lvl screen"

and so forth for each level. clusterdefs are used for plot and appear at the end of the file. for example:

clusterdef 1 <or other>
flat <background, use flat>
music <background music>
exittext "<text used when leaving cluster (say, going from lvl 1 with cluster 1, to lvl 2 with cluster 2) can be as long as you want, but you will probably need to use multiple lines.>"

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