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Does searching Snapmaps really suck this much?

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I tried searhing for my own map through my Map ID (Z4DNAZLL), and found out that my map isn't the only map with the same id. So am i SUPPOSED to shuffle through every fucking other map until i find my own?? Has anyone else had this problem???

It's weird that this specific map id is what has over 100 results. I checked other IDs off some of the maps in this subforum, but they're one of their kinds. Why is this code so bloated with other ones?

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Yes. You are not alone. I ran into this multiple times now when checking out other peoples maps.

My only conclusions is that their system with "unique" ID's is simply broken. I don't know what else to make of it. :|

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So far i checked only 4-5 maps, and the most i had in one was 10 results of the same ID.

I'm theorizing that mines has a fuckton of results because it's the first map i published. So in Snapmap sense, it'll make the first Snapmap have the same code as all other first-time published maps. Well, it's a theory, but it's the only sensible one for having 700 goddamn results.

At least searching by name is easier. Looks like Damnnation isn't a word used alot.

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