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Dishonored v1.0.1

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From the creator of Hellfire Division and CustomDoom...
Lud presents...

What is Dishonored?

Dishonored is a mod for GZDoom which takes elements from the game of the same name and mixes them with Doom. Example of those elements are:
- Elixir/Remedy mechanic: Medikits and Stimpacks are replaced with either Elixir or Remedy, with the ratio being 3:1, respectively. Medikit has 100% chance to spawn whereas stimpack has only 50%. They are stored in the player's inventory and either can be used at any time with a bindable key in Controls menu. Maximum amount for each is 10.
- Mana mechanic: Using one of the two powers costs mana and, just like in the original Dishonored, the mana regenerates partially a few seconds after using any power.

Important note: The mod runs perfectly on (G)ZDoom. Zandronum has not been tested. May not work due to lack of ACS functions. Needs confirmation.

What's the difference between Original and Vanilla version?

Vanilla version has the default weapons and sprites, with some minor edits. I have changed the response time for all weapons and also decreased switch time for some of them. Original version, on the other hand, will be closer to the original game in terms of weapon count and ability. This one requires touchy sprite rips, so there is no guarantee when it will be complete and ready for release.

Important note: Groundwork for Original version has been partially laid. I am now waiting for this feature to be added. When, and if, it is in, I will redesign the sprite system and try to implement most powers with their respective hand animation. In other words, it may take a while. I will work on fixing the bugs, in the mean time. Simply put, first I'll finish completely with Vanilla and then I'll proceed with Original.

Download - Vanilla: Dishonored v1.0.1
Download - Original: Currently not available. Coming out someday.

Screenshots from pre-1.0 available here.

Everything else regarding the mod can be found in the original thread.

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Updated the mod to v1.0.1. More info can be found in the changelog in the original thread. Link to it is on the bottom of the main post.

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BFG walls while time is stopped, cyberdemons and hordes fall into pieces once movement resumes. What's not to like. :) This is getting off track, but it reminds me of this gggmork map where you had to BFG in "random" directions beforehand to get through a corridor full of archviles. Many interesting challenges could be built out of a time freeze coupled with the BFG delay mechanics.

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