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I originally started this map for CC4 in 2011, then forgot about Doom for a few years. Now I've been trying to get it finished. It's not quite there yet, but I'd like some feedback before making final adjustments. Discordia is map27 in the WAD, and the CC4 texture pack is required. Should work with all boom-compatible ports, although all the testing was done in ZDoom. I fear that some of the fights are a bit boring, especially the arena showdown in the end, so I'd love to hear ideas to make them more interesting. There are still some unfinished areas, redundant fights and wonky monster teleports, but the core areas and exit are in place.


Some screenies:

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Hey, here's a demo.


I got about a third of the way in (by monster count) before being sandwiched in a warping-in group of hell knights, such that even a BFG shot couldn't save me. It'd be a lot fairer if the warp-in commenced immediately, instead of with the ~2-3 second gap that allows the player to decide "okay, time to leave this area and go to the BK door now", unknowingly moving into the impending sandwich.

Rest of the encounters felt quite low-pressure and cheesable, except for an occasional AV. The imp warp-in has too many imps, given how slow they warp in. :D The cyber usage is tense in theory but kind of awkward in certain ways. The player has to lure it over to one side before descending to prevent infinite-talling, and there's an awkwardly placed teleporter down there that allows the player to accidentally warp back up while fighting it. This is a good place for a "temporary turret", meaning the cyber is on a turret at first, which is lowered by a walkover trigger that coincides with descending into the area below.

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