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Custom cast screen bugs in ZDoom

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I created a custom cast screen that uses the interpic as the background and the story screen music as its music. Unfortunately, two things happen wrong:

1. Despite the music being the same as the story screen, it restarts nevertheless. I want it to be continuous from when the player leaves the story screen.
2. BOSSBACK flashes briefly before showing the correct image.

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Gez said:

I made a bug report thread on your behalf since you're still banned.

On that note, it would be nice if I had limited access to the forums (just the bug report and feature request section, as well as private messages so I can more easily contact people who aren't around DW as much).

Graf Zahl said:

I need a test WAD that produces these problems.

Here you go.

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Sorry it took so long to look into it, but today I finally managed to check this thing.

This is a simple definition error. Doom2Cast is only a child of what is actually called for EndGameC, which is Inter_Cast. And this contains a single node which sets the image to BOSSBACK and the music to D_EVIL. Only after that node has played your own ones will, and so come the changes in background and music.

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