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lockdown or monster kill to delete forcefield

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Hi Everyone,
Sorry if this is a similar previous question. I am trying to make a similar map to phobos anomaly. I am new to the snapmap logic. I want to have it set up so when the player kills the only two barons in a room that upon their deaths, doors to the room will unlock as well as force fields" player blocking volume" i put in place will delete or disappear. Any help or links to tutorial video would be great. Basically when both enemies die I want the forcefield walls i made to delete.Thanks again.

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Intergers. Best friend for such a situation.

Make it so when one baron dies, an interger number is upped by 1. Then, whenever the interger reaches to 2 (such as when both baron died), the force field will shut down.

So the forcefield would have an interger compare logic added to it, and it'll activated whenever the barons die. And once 2 hits, the barrier goes bye-bye.

Hope this helped!

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