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Solid Plissken

Solid Plissken´s first WAD.

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Not bad for a first map. Just two things:

-It seems the secrets are unreachable since the doors won't open. Tested this with ZDoom, GZDoom, and Zandronum.
-Even without the secrets, it is incredibly easy. Not only I didn't die in my first attempt, I wasn't even hit once, and I'm far for being the best player around (and I play with -fast). One thing did hurt me though:


The crusher by the shotgun. The RK one I was expecting it and got lucky, but that first one actually did get me.

EDIT: Shit, I hit "Submit Reply" prematurely.

I wanted to add, it is a reasonable first map, but you might want to make your future works a little bit harder. And check those secrets. Good job.

2nd EDIT: It is actually pretty fun in Nightmare!

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I played your map and it looks pretty cool. Most of the design decisions you employ are not of my like, but that's just because I prefer hyper-realistic environments (up to the extent that zdoom allows). But overall it was fun and engaging playing it.
Some remarks about the design that might add 2 cents:

I don't understand why these guys are hanging from lights... I'd placed them elsewhere

These type of 'window-like' ledges under 32 height floors let the player 'climb' on them. YOu should make those lines impassable so you don't end up nose-in the 'wacky faces' texture. Also, if you make those lines impassable the player can still 'grab' whatever is placed on those ledges.

The 'middle' textures on the stairs sides look just horrifying. Like '2 girls 1 cup' horrifying. I mean, I'm much of a laissez-faire, indulgent kind of guy regarding texture misalignment, I dont know how much it adds to gameplay aligning things like ASHWALL or STONE3 or SHAWN2, but the marble texture you chose heavily relies on the continuacy of the drawing it portrays, not alighning it kinda ruins the ambience. just saying...

So, that's as much as I'd like to add.

oh, and I just remembered now, that shovel looked pretty awful too... and one more thign, about gameplay, the crushers you used... why would you be so sadistic on your players? you don't give a slight warning to your players that they're about to be crushed to bits... why do that? seems dumb.

Keep at it! I hope to see updates and continuations to this.

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pablogener said:

shit about 2-girls-1-cup

Ok thanks for comparing someone's first WAD to scat porn, your input is appreciated

@Solid Plissken: About texture alignment -- you can aim at the affected walls in Doom Builder 2 3D mode and hit "A" to autoalign them horizontally if you think it's necessary, and Shift+A to autoalign vertically. Pointing at any wall and pressing the arrow keys will also adjust texture alignment by single pixels if you need the precision.


pablogener said:

stuff about 32-unit tall ledges

I notice you are complaining about 32-unit tall ledges, but you took a screenshot of a ledge that is visibly, just by looking at the screenshot, without a doubt 32 units tall already

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Like '2 girls 1 cup' horrifying.

That's nice, dude. That's EXTREMELY helpful. I'll be sure to check out 2 Girls 1 Cup for some advice on WAD making.

Either way, this Is pretty damn good for a first WAD.

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I thought It was pretty good looking, I overall thought that this was a good first WAD.

As I always say, better then my first WADs.

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Alrighty. A fine first map. The first thing I'm going to note is texture alignment, it could've been better. Next, I'm curious as to why you made it for Ultimate Doom instead of Doom 2, considering Doom2's flexibility with theme and monster placement. The last thing I want to say is a suggestion. You know the room right at the beginning with the red pillars? what if when you picked up the key, instead of doors opening revealing Spectres, the pillars lowered revealing Demons previously unknown of. I feel like it would make the environment feel connected and not a room with pillars for no reason that has monster closets.

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I apologize for any inconvinience I may have caused. Sorry everyone. And to the OP, I did say that the map is very much ok and that I wish to see further of his work.

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For a first WAD this is realy good :)

just learn the texture alignment cause its like a nail in the eye...

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