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Shafts? Low structures? Outdoor?

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Is there any way to build shafts where you have to climb up the ceiling or underground to access? Any low structure where you have to crouch? It also doesn't seem to have outdoor environment. I get the tingling sensation that there will be DLCs, paid of course, that add these or other new snapmap items.

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I'm thinking he meant by the shaft/structure question that if are there modules that are accessed from above or below a map.

To which both i say no. All modules are accessed from north, south, east, and west, but never top or bottom. So if you want a drop-in entrance of sorts, it's not possible (unless through an absurd amound of props).

But crawl-type entryways are easily doable through prop placements floating over player-crouching height!

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Ah, I see.

Yeah, you would have to create a pretty intricate structure to give the illusion of dropping into a module. I mean you could with a module connecting to a stairs module but that seems a bit much. But maybe that is what would make your Snapmap unique?

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