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DUMP Episode 3: BFG Edition [Maps released]

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(Logo by Kinsie)

For 2016, I really want to better my mapping abilities and put out some good stuff. So me and a couple friends started a project of stream-of-consciousness mapping. DUMP 1 began and it was a success. Then DUMP 2 began and it was even more of a success.
For the third iteration of DUMP, I decided to try something different and expand it to modding, working on weapons in an attempt to get less of a massive conglameration of maps. Instead, it had the opposite effect--even more people signed up for this compared to last time, and we ended up with a grand total of 80 maps. A hub map, 72 normal maps, six secret maps, and a final map.

As before, we now present to you a small hub leading to quite a collection of different maps. Beat X amount of maps to unlock the exit, with X being a variable depending on the difficulty level (ITYTD only requires a handful of maps, Nightmare requires 64 maps), and defeat the final boss to win.
Pistol start is enforced, and monsters are vanilla (except for the Final Boss). Gameplay mods should be supported, though mods that make use of +INVENTORY.UNDROPPABLE will break the pistol start.

As before, the primary purpose of this project is to have a way for all of the newbies to try and push over that initial hump together, to MAKE something. It's for people otherwise familiar with Boom mapping to try out ZDoom stuff. It's for people who work on gameplay mods to try doing something different. It's the usual pile of quality you'll expect from a gigawad of MyFirstZDoomMap.wad, but it was fun to band together to make shit.
Again, as before, please feel free to point out any issues, troubles, errors, imbalances, and etc about the maps. Don't feel the need to sugarcoat, give it to us straight--none of us are pro-tier mappers. We can't improve if we don't know what's wrong.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/sc9seej72ikajky/DUMP-3.pk3?dl=1 (72.1mb)
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4p2zWkJEFFtN2s3WUxKNjhFXzA/view?usp=sharing (mirror)



Titlepic by Kinsie
Titlemusic from Gradius III
Win music from Super Street Fighter II

Shell projectile sprites by Turbo
Benellus sprites by CactusHege
Flying shotgun sprites by Marrub
Walking shotgun sprites by Marrub

HUBMAP: The Church of Benellus
Mapper: Sgt. Shivers
Music: Star Control 2 - Ur-Quan Theme
Textures: cc4-tex

MAP01: Check-In
Mapper: unRyker
Music: Gammis of Lemonride - kattastrof
Textures: Mechadon

MAP02: Pissboy
Mapper: Anonymous
Music: slamtilt - space5
Textures: N/A

MAP03: Simplicity is Golden
Mapper: demo_the_man
Music: Rise of the Triad - Going Down the Fast Way
Textures: N/A

MAP04: Invitation to Destruction
Mapper: Gardevoir
Music: Bobby Prince - Sign of Evil (SNES)
Textures: Doom 1

Mapper: CJacobsSA
Music: Shinobi III - SOLITARY
Textures: N/A

MAP06: Ruins & Lava
Mapper: VBob
Music: Castlevania Dracula X - Theme of Richter
Textures: N/A

MAP07: Bloodsport Canyon
Mapper: Hoodoo456
Music: One Must Fall 2099 - 06-ARENA2
Textures: The Mighty Pete

MAP08: Nuclear Control Facilities
Mapper: Titan314
Music: Bobby Prince - Unused Doom Music 20
Textures: cc4-tex.wad

MAP09: Mountain Temple
Mapper: Project_ILE
Music: Shadow Warrior - Everybody Off
Textures: N/A

MAP10: Overflow
Mapper: SpudTheRubbish
Music: Comix Zone - Episode 1, Page 1-1
Textures: N/A

MAP11: 'Venture into the Bouncy Castle
Mapper: Beed28
Music: Andromeda - Jelly Vibes
Textures: cc4-tex.wad, Heretic (Sky texture), Skillsaw (grass)
Sprites: Skillsaw (trees)
Sounds: Strife (doors)

MAP12: The Crater
Mapper: combatxtreme & Plutonic Overkill
Music: combatxtreme - Killing Floor
Textures: cc4-tex, Doom Juan (sky)

MAP13: The Fun Lab
Mapper: TerminusEst13
Music: Crusader: No Remorse - Carnage and Mayhem
Textures: cc4tex.wad

MAP14: Durex Waste Disposal
Mapper: Minimum Payne
Music: Contra III: The Alien Wars - Neo Kobe Steel Factory
Textures: N/A

MAP15: The Corporate Ladder
Mapper: Kinsie
Music: Tim Follin - Stages 4 and 6 (from Time Trax (Beta)), Yuzo Koshiro - Revenge of Mr. X (from Streets of Rage 2)
Textures: Jimmy Gnosis, Id Software, Raven Software, 3D Realms, Jimmy Paddock, Hellstorm Archon, MacPlay, Zero X Diamond,
Laz Rojas, FuzzballFox, Enjay, Earthquake, CaptainToenail, Nick Baker, Engine Technology, EMAG Soft & Union Systems
Sounds: Id Software, Grey Matter Software, Ion Storm, Microsoft, Rareware

MAP16: Regressive Experience
Mapper: Dukka
Music: Microforce - zapultur
Textures: N/A

MAP17: Baby's First Map
Mapper: Bobman23
Music: The Assassin - Hoise_2-34
Textures: N/A

MAP18: Research Facility
Mapper: deathgod5309
Music: Virgill - crucifixon
Textures: N/A

Mapper: HumansAmongUs
Music: The REW - Rivendell
Textures: N/A

MAP20: The Darkness Beyond
Mapper: KarolineDianne
Music: Doom 64
Textures: N/A

MAP21: Base Stimpack
Mapper: charcola
Music: Purple Motion - Zak-zaka-zak-zak
Textures: N/A
Sprites: Chaos Comics / Tom Colby (Purgatori)

MAP22: Crunk Refinery
Mapper: BobBarker
Music: KurtZ - ParanoiA
Textures: N/A

MAP23: 0-Pipe Gear
Mapper: Toooooasty
Music: Unknown - hybrid.xm
Textures: cc4-tex

MAP24: Escape From Argent Prison
Mapper: Lance Charleson
Music: Necros - Isotoxin
Textures: cc4-tex

MAP25: Live Fire Exorcise
Mapper: Sgt. Shivers
Music: Duke Nukem 3D - Pissed Office Box
Textures: Sgt. Shivers, Shadow Warrior

MAP26: Attack First
Mapper: simpletonnn
Music: Homestuck - Black
Textures: cc4tex

MAP27: Hitler's Prison
Mapper: Luigi2600
Music: Jester / Sanity - molecule's revenge
Textures: N/A

MAP28: Tomb of Hectikhamen
Mapper: Action Max
Music: Goldeneye 64 - Egypt
Textures: Brotherhood of Ruin (textures), Scythe 2 (sky)

MAP29: The Weed Number
Mapper: AbyssWalker
Music: Castlevania: Dracula X - Den
Textures: N/A

MAP30: This Is Serious Mum
Mapper: deathz0r
Music: Betrayer - B A T T E R Y
Textures: cc4-tex

MAP31: Not Another Tech Base
Mapper: ArchXeno
Music: Petter MÃ¥rtensen - The Temple of Judgement
Textures: N/A

MAP32: Hydraulic Plant
Mapper: SpiritOfDecay
Music: Theshooter7 - Into the Fire
Textures: FuzzballFox, Enjay, EarthQuake, CaptainToenail

MAP33: Janus
Mapper: SoundofDoomDoors
Music: Helloween - Midnight Sun
Textures: cc4-tex

MAP34: Gamma Station Entrance
Mapper: SMG_Marine
Music: Synthetic - 7th-miracle
Textures: N/A

MAP35: Realm of the Sempiternal Archvile
Mapper: Darsycho
Music: madbrain - Pico song
Textures: Cage

MAP36: Judgement Day
Mapper: Stale_Meat
Music: Terminator 2 - Stage 1
Textures: cc4-tex

MAP37: Complex Alive
Mapper: Roxas
Music: Minomus - Quicksilver
Textures: N/A

Mapper: Arctangent
Music: xaser - destiny's promise
Textures: N/A

MAP39: Dumping Ground
Mapper: TotalInjury
Music: -sine/triad! - doom
Textures: N/A

MAP40: Mercury Rain
Mapper: Jimmy
Music: Skaven - Mercury Rain
Textures: Casali brothers, Raven Software, Valve Software, NiGHTMARE, Sam Woodman,
rf`, Thomas van der Velden, Iikka Keranen, Adelusion, Johnathan Rimmer,
Jimmy, FuzzballFox, Cage
Sprites: Captain Toenail, Skulltag, Gothic, Raven Software, AgentSpork

MAP41: mapsterpiece
Mapper: IdiotBitz
Music: Psycho - Backbeats Forever
Textures: N/A

MAP42: Tunnel Crates Rule!
Mapper: Stale_Meat
Music: Jason Reichard
Textures: cc4-tex

MAP43: Cloverhouse
Mapper: icept
Music: Electric Six - Danger High Voltage
Textures: N/A

MAP44: Generic UAC Outpost
Mapper: Anonymous
Music: Necros - Crew Communication
Textures: N/A

MAP45: Felt
Mapper: floatRand
Music: Castlevania: Aria Of Sorrow - Top Floor
Textures: cc4-tex

MAP46: Panic Room
Mapper: comet1338
Music: Command & Conquer - Full Stop
Textures: N/A

MAP47: Simple Chaos
Mapper: willykuo
Music: Sidewinder - in_the_Eyes
Textures: N/A

MAP48: Eviscerated
Mapper: NAG
Music: Goblin - Profondo Rosso
Textures: N/A

MAP49: The Mine to Hell
Mapper: InsanityBringer
Music: the Deviant - Purity (My Placebo)
Textures: abbuw, NeuralStunner

MAP50: Sandcastley Sandcastling Sandcastles
Mapper: PinchySkree
Music: James Paddock - Crashed Potatoes
Textures: aa-tex, Epic 2, Simon O'Callaghan, 32in24-15.wad, PinchySkree

MAP52: Broken Shit
Mapper: ZachBrowder
Music: substance - winterman's_cigars
Textures: N/A

MAP53: Weapons Research Lab
Mapper: VennoBennu
Music: CastleVania: Symphony of the Night - Dracula's Castle
Textures: N/A

MAP54: Winter in Summer
Mapper: TehRealSalt
Music: Lost Vikings - Wacky World, Sonic 3D Blast - Unused Boss Theme (825 version)
Textures: cc4-tex

MAP55: The UAC Ocean Base
Mapper: leodoom85
Music: Noby - Ocean Deep
Textures: N/A

MAP56: Hot Water Music
Mapper: Protester
Music: Warbrain - Alkaline Trio
Textures: N/A

MAP57: Lambda Base
Mapper: floatRand
Music: Sparkster - Submarine
Textures: cc4-tex

MAP58: inferno odyssey
Mapper: Anonymous
Music: Martin Iveson - Skeletonkrew (Comp1)
Textures: N/A

MAP59: Infested Installation
Mapper: Flipy
Music: Shovel Knight - An Underlying Problem
Textures: N/A

MAP60: The Duality
Mapper: NeuralStunner
Music: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Light World Dungeon
Textures: Doom, NeuralStunner, Hacx
Sounds: Hexen II, Quake, John Tennek

MAP61: Municipal Well
Mapper: Flotilla
Music: Metal Slug 3 - Midnight Wandering
Textures: N/A

MAP62: Dropoff
Mapper: CharlieTheGnarly
Music: Super Metroid - Upper Norfair
Textures: N/A

MAP63: Dimensional Accelerator
Mapper: Untitled
Music: Xaser - Angry Science
Textures: cc4-tex

MAP64: Urban Hell
Mapper: ChrisR91
Music: Duke Nukem 3D - Departure
Textures: 3DRealms, id Software (sky)

MAP65: Electron
Mapper: floatRand
Music: Journey To Silius - Stage 1
Textures: cc4-tex

MAP66: Caco-lover
Mapper: everennui
Music: Ratchet & Clank - Metropolis
Textures: N/A

MAP67: Cheeki
Mapper: Brown Mesa
Music: basehead - Erosion (Fast Mix)
Textures: N/A

MAP68: Corrupted Facility
Mapper: Wivicer
Music: CastleVania II - Bloody Tears
Textures: cc4-tex, Mechadon

MAP69: A Night at the Opera
Mapper: Temin_Dump
Music: Samuel Barber - Pas De Deux
Textures: cc4-tex, Duke Nukem 3D

MAP70: An Online Virtual Reality Used By Hackers
Mapper: Shadow Hog
Music: Quake - Parallel Dimensions
Textures: Quake

Mapper: Gageat
Music: CastleVania: Symphony of the Night - Crystal Teardrops
Textures: N/A

MAP72: The Runaround
Mapper: LogicalFallacy
Music: Impaler - Klischee Power Metal
Textures: N/A

MAP73: Attack From Within
Mapper: mumblemumble
Music: aceman - Pirahna's Den
Textures: N/A

Mapper: DudeDesigns
Music: Goldeneye - Theme (Fast)
Textures: N/A

SECRET2: Knee-deep in the DUMP
Mapper: MJ79
Music: Xaser - MegaloDOOMia
Textures: N/A

SECRET3: The Best Map
Mapper: TerminusEst13
Music: Cynmusic - RPG-Battle
Textures: N/A

SECRET4: Box Simple
Mapper: Redead-ITA
Music: Mega Man X - Storm Eagle
Textures: N/A

SECRET5: Escape Plan
Mapper: Anonymous
Music: Scrap Heap - crush them
Textures: N/A

SECRET6: Real is shit
Mapper: Deviluke Roy
Music: Pip Malt - Symphony of Destruction
Textures: Fuzzball Fox, TheGreenHerring


https://www.dropbox.com/s/g4ajmkymclgv8ht/DUMP-3-test1.pk3?dl=1 - Map test build.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/0jyxfwmbdvuzeb1/DUMP-3-weapons-test0.pk3?dl=1 - Weapon test build.


The first DUMP was pretty cool. The second DUMP was fucking gargantuan. And now here we are in the third iteration, ready to get rolling.
The Doom Upstart Modding Project is a community project spearheaded by one goal: Learn how to make stuff by FUCKING DOING IT. Whether you're new or a veteran, there's always some new stuff to try out.
It's a circle for newbies to try their hand at makestuff, it's a way for rookies to try and polish their skills and grind out the usual "gotta get better by doing it!", it's a way for veterans to get out of their comfort zone and try something different, it's a way for people who've wanted to mod but felt too shy about joining something to have a project they can point to and say "I made something".

But wait, hold on. Isn't this the "mapping" project?
Not this time. This time, to shake things up a bit, we're expanding it to encompass general overall modding.
What does this mean? Well, it means that there's going to be two entirely separate DUMP .pk3s. One will be the usual maps affair, ZDoom maps assembled into a single .pk3. One will feature weapons and guns, assembled into a separate .pk3.
Why are we doing this? Weaponsets are a dime a dozen! Everyone's done a weapon randomizer mod! ZDoom-focused mapsets are so rare! My burger didn't come with bacon on it! What's the point?
Well, the point of DUMP is to Just Fucking Make Something, for people to jump in and do something new. Mapping is only one single facet of Doom modding--the port is famed most for its weapon mods and gameplay mods, and in doing this we will introduce a lot more people to a lot more capabilities of ZDoom modding. Yes, strictly speaking, there's like eighty fuckzillion gameplay mods out there, but the point isn't to do something new, it's to do something period.


I have co-hosts this time! They're going to help me and keep me sane. Together, with the power of friendship and our shared experience in Pretending To Know What The Fuck We're Talking About, together we make the coolest team since the Sliced Bread Team.

We have Yholl, a guy with a very concerned dog and the occaisional flights of fancy as well as actual flight. He works with Decorate, when he's not looking up images of anime women, and is the foremost expert in Die and Pidgeon Noises. When you squint into the sky, listening carefully, you can hear a faint "AAGH" in the distance.
We have PresidentPeople, a guy you might not know but you should since he's basically been responsible for Fucking Everything. Ever since several years back in joining a ZDoom Wars server, he has operated in the shadows and personally guided new mods and modders into greatness, all without ever once revealing his name or face. We call him "Mr. President". You can call him "Sir".
We have TerminusEst13, a nerd who once copy-pasted the ZDoom wiki into a single .pk3 and then won a Cacoward for it. Once drew a sketch of a dude without hands because hands are hard and it stuck. He's also writing this post RIGHT NOW and could probably write anything in it, but isn't.


The rules are simple: Make a map or make a couple weapons. Post 'em here, and we'll assemble them into one of the respective .pk3s.
Don't give me that "I don't have any ideaaaas" nonsense. Make it.

To be a little bit more in-depth, here's the breakdown as follows:

- Bare minimum of compatibility is Zandronum 3.0 in software mode.
- New textures are allowed, just be mindful they don't clash with existing filenames. That'll be embarrassing!
- If you REALLY do have to use the TEXTURES lump, please create an empty resource in Zdoom format, rather than importing from another source/iwad. Seriously, last DUMP almost everyone had a Textures set where all of the Doom 2 textures were included as well and it made things an unbelievable PITA to sort through.
- No new weapons, no new enemies. Compatibility with gameplay mods/enemy mods is important. The only exception will be the final map for a dramatic final battle, and even then I'll be handling that. MAYBE for the secret map. MAYBE.
- Jumping and crouching WILL be allowed in the maps. It's a ZDoom-based mapset. Pretty straightforward, here.
- Don't go hog-wild and try to create Phocas 2 in a week. Seriously, don't. Start small. Start simple. Polish it up. Fine-tune it. Tweak it. Then sit on it. Then come back to it and tweak it a little more. You'll be amazed at how fast time flies.
- Pistol start will be enforced, so don't make a map expecting the player to have a BFG loadout.
- Be open to criticism and feedback. Nobody here is a professional. Very few people are actually good. Your map will probably have flaws, errors, and things that need tweak.
- Music needs to be either module music or MIDI music, module music preferred. Let's not bloat with ~*~FILESIZE~*~. If you don't know where to pick up module music, head to http://modarchive.org/ and hit "Random Song" a lot or go to http://snesmusic.org/ and pick your favorite Super Nintendo song or http://project2612.org/list.php and pick your favorite Genesis song. There's some good shit there. Promise. Or feel free to leave it to me if you don't care or don't have any ideas.
- As above, be open to someone else tweaking your map. Being the project lead, I'm going to need to make some changes to things in order to make things work. And I'm not the only one this time. We're gonna rub our hands all over your little baby. We're gonna rub it, together. Mmmmmmmmm yesssssss. Rubbin' makes us feel good. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
- If you make, like, a 1x1 box, a gauntlet of zombiemen, or some kind of super-shitty nothing-but-a-corridor-and-20-cyberdemons, I'm not gonna include your map. I'm still exercising a modicum of quality control. Put some effort into your fucking map.

- Weapons must be assorted by "tier", which specifies the weapon it replaces--a shotgun replacement would be a "shotgun-tier" weapon.
- The only "off-limit" weapon tiers are the fist-tier and pistol-tier, which will have default replacements. Can't really replace those without introducing new weapon pickups.
- As above, engine compatibility range is Zandronum 3.0. Don't go hog-crazy with super-features, focus on what makes a weapon fun and cool to use.
- Hands must be Doomguy hands.
- Weapon must have a fire AND an alt-fire.
- Weapons should be centered, with exceptions made for dual-wielded weapons and melee weapns.
- Weapons must be widescreen-compatible.
- We're not using any new custom keys. Stick with fire and alt-fire. Keep it simple. MAYBE Reload/Zoom. Maybe. Maaaybe. Preferably not but if your weapon is absolutely ruined by not having a third button then okay, go ahead and use it.
- Do not make/use new ammo types. Stick with any of the default existing items or properties (shell, clip, cell, armor, berserk, movement speed, barrels across the map, etc)
- An exception to the above is "internal" ammo types, stuff that does not need to be replenished externally, i.e. some kind of recharging gun.
- Existing systems should not require replacements to make the weapon function--no enemy replacements, no SBARINFO replacements, no MENUDEF, etc.
- Additional systems, such as ACS synthfire or TEXTURES, are allowed.
- Try to keep damage values reasonable. While obviously this is inevitably going to be an imbalanced mess, try not to go too far beyond the average DPS (damage per second) values of weapons. Leeway will obviously be given in regards to things like range, projectiles vs hitscan, and how much ammo is used per shot. Here's some numbers for comparison:
^- Mean Chainsaw DPS: 96
^- Mean Shotgun DPS: 66
^- Mean Super Shotgun DPS: 137
^- Mean Chaingun DPS: 88
^- Mean Rocket Launcher DPS: 382
^- Mean Plasma Rifle DPS: 263
^- Mean BFG DPS: 2756


Part 1 (May 29-31): Preparation. Use this time to think of your layout, use this time to gather texture/sounds, draw a picture in MSPaint, etc. Starting early is discouraged, but I really can't do anything except point and laugh at you or go "Shame on you" in front of the class. Recycling previous unfinished stuff is allowed--the point is to Get Shit Done, so if you had something lying around that you haven't been able to finish, then fucking finish it you cornschnozzle.
Part 2 (June 1-16): MAKE YOUR FUCKING MAP. OR MAKE YOUR FUCKING WEAPON, OR MAKE FUCKING BOTH. You get two weeks to make shit. Make your map bit by bit, a little bit at a time, or blitz through it all in like a couple hours. Make your weapon in one night, or toss and turn in bed before waking up at 6 AM to do that one sound effect that's been on your tits. Either way, get it done by the 16th. Actually, get it done by the 13th, and use the extra couple of days to sit on it, then fix it up on the 16th.
Part 3 (June 17-30): Compilation and criticism. I'll take a couple days to compile everyone's maps and weapons into a single build and throw it at everyone. Everyone plays through it and offers feedback on everyone else's maps and weapons. People fix up their maps and weapons according to the feedback. I'd say feedback is mandatory, but considering this is being posted on multiple areas (Twitter, Tumblr, ZDoom, Doomworld, etc), giving feedback to everyone would be a huge bitch. Still, play through what you can and post in the area you prefer. This ain't no popcorn show for you to just sit back.
Part 4 (July WhenTheFuckEver): Release and relaxation. We've all made something cool, and hopefully become a little wiser, a little smarter, and a little cuter.


Yeah well sure why the hell not, I mean I guess wanting to yammer about with other people would seem like a waste of time when you could be mapping but actually research indicates talking with other people is actually super cool and super fun so it'd be cool to let you do that.
As before, if you want to talk specifically with me, you can hit me up on IRC. My "main" chat room is #anakeion on Zandronum IRC, but I also hang in #doomtwid on OFTC and #ZDoom on Espernet.
If you wanna hit me on Skype, I'm TerminusEst13. (What a shock)
If you wanna hit me on Steam, I'm TerminusEst13. (What a shock mk 2)

Yholl is a little bit more complicated to get in contact with. It's complicated in that he, too, is on #ZDoom on Espernet.
He has a Steam account called Yholl, too, with an anime Touhou girl as an avatar.
He had Skype, once. Then Skype ate him.

PresidentPeople pretty much just hangs on irc in #anakeion.


Failure to not submit your map or your weapon using this form will result in disapproving stares across the internet, reminiscent of your mum.

- Download link: Link to the download.
- Name: The name of the map.
- Credits: Where did your custom resources come from?
- Quote: What did you learn during map-making? What did you think was cool or hard? Or just snark.

- Download link: Link to the Past.
- Name: The actor name of the weapon you've got.
- Credits: Where did your custom resources come from?
- Tier: What weapon does this replace? Shotgun? Chainsaw? Plasma Rifle?


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ffffffffuuuuuuuuck I don't have time for this

I'll try to make something happen though!

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I'm going to tentatively sign up for this and hopefully will actually make something this time round. Will definitely be mapping if nothing else - not sure about making a weapon but hey, cool project concept nonetheless. :D

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I'm interested in getting in on this. Is there some kind of formal sign-up for this thing, or do we just have to have our maps in by the deadline?

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TerminusEst13 said:

We're gonna rub our hands all over your little baby. We're gonna rub it, together. Mmmmmmmmm yesssssss. Rubbin' makes us feel good. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Don't make me get out the water pistol Term.

Anyway, I'll give this a shot. Hopefully DB doesn't eat my work this time.

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Also please tell me you're going to add retarded variable sound pitching. Just to round out the experience.

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Im going to give this a shot. Haven't made a doom map since i was ten years old (20 years ago) but im going to be putting some time into doom and might as well do something constructive.

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Done with this now, I guess.

- Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/52769410/Doomstuff/Felt.zip
- Name: Felt
- Credits:
Map: floatRand
Textures: cc4tex, compiled by Esselfortium ( see cc4-tex.txt for info ).
Midi: Top Floor ( Castlevania: Aria Of Sorrow ), sequenced by Jorge D. Fuentes.

- Quote:

First proper map. And man it took some hours.
Been feeling anxious and full of dread lately, so mapping soothes my nerves.
I am certainly satisfied, although some things I couldn't implement in the end ( jumping down bookcases
and 'Wrapped Around Your Finger'-finger style candelebra-maze ). Oh well.

Edit: Oops, too low ammo for library. Gave rocket launcher and some more ammo.

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Sandcastley Sandcastling Sandcastles V0.96


- Animated floaty pyramid lines, Green Trees, Cacti and Desert Skull - Ancient Aliens "aa-tex"
- Sky: SKYESSL1 base with Jackie Judy Feldmanns Bonfire Night Rad39s Sims Stuff Moon edited into it http://aimportantwallpapers.blogspot.co.uk/2015/08/bright-sky-with-moon.html
- Egyptian textures by Simon O Callaghan http://www.simonoc.com/
- Everything Else - 32in24-15.wad
- Some custom variations of these by me.


James Paddock - 30in30-3 - Crashed Potatoes.mid

Learning Completed

- Slopes
- Swimmable Sectors
- Line Horizon
- DECORATE static sprites


Contains a new Textures/Pnames lump with only the new textures in it
Contains an ANIMATED lump for the glowing lines and a waterfall variation(WTRFALL, not the standard drippy one)
Includes a DECORATE for the new static decorations
Bad performance in some areas ._.


SANDCASTLES https://youtu.be/V-MxgX3ouvM?t=1m12s

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DUMP inspired me to try out mapping for the very first time
Will update with changes if they show up, the link will be the same

Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j9p501ftgjdyinb/CLOSETV4.wad?dl=1
Name: Durex Waste Disposal
Credits: Music is "Neo Kobe Steel Factory"
Composed by Miki Higashino, Masanori Adachi, and Tappi Iwase for Contra III: The Alien Wars
Dumped by SonicPanda on snesmusic.org
Quote: "Map-making is long and hard, just like the end of this map ;)"

edit (11:38 PM EST 6/16/16):
-Blue door now openable from both sides
-Additional monsters added to final section
-Red door teleport is repeatable and is no longer a damaging floor
-Final room raised to allow demons to enter the shaft
-Triggers for monster closet and wall secret moved

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Aaaaaaand done! Like 4.5 hours after midnight my time. :<

Screenshots here

Tested in Zandronum 3.0 software and OpenGL. Looks and plays good in both I think!

Name: Mercury Rain
Music Used: "Mercury Rain" by Skaven (ModArchive.org link)
Credits: See the CREDITS lump in the WAD, there's a lot of community resources used here. Might be a smidgeon incomplete though.
Quote: "Also known as "Pluvial Terrace"."

Still missing:
- Resources pruned
- Difficulty balancing
- Multi placement
- Possible custom midi

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Crap... wish I'd noticed this sooner. Is it too late to get in on this project or should I just wait for the next one? You seem to be doing them pretty close together anyway.

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I don't see anything in tis thread about today in particular, but yeah it definitely looks like I'm too late now anyway. I keep trying to find projects like this so idk how I missed this one.

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(Image by Kinsie)

Well, technically it's two days late, but it's still time.

There's gonna be some more late submissions in the future and I'm still gonna accept them because I'm a big softie, but between the 20th and right now we gathered up everything we could and crammed them all in and I'm now in the process of setting up maps and making them flow together in one .pk3.

I'm not gonna lie. There's a lot. We've gotten about 80 maps and 40 weapons. Even keeping in mind that some of these are going to be trashed (I ended up trashing one map from DUMP 1, three from DUMP 2, so let's aim for five!!!), this is a monumental number. Far more than what DUMP 2's mammoth library had.
There's no way we're going to finish this up before July.
But for all y'all, you can take the next several days to just kick back, relax, and savor in the bliss. You made a map. Or a weapon. Or both. Congratulations.

Noooooow comes the ~*~FUN~*~ part.
Please pray for my, Yholl's, and PresidentPeople's sanities (and Medicris', whom I roped into this) as we now go through every single map and weapon to check for disparities and breakage.

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So in the process of learning, I left in the flag "Sector is underwater and swimmable" on some sectors, I was never able to actually swim/fly there even after changing my keys and testing it now so it wasn't a detectable bug.

Here's an update, think it was shivers who reported it.


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Update to Mercury Rain -- v3.

- Difficulty settings implemented (1-2, 3, 4-5).
- Minor aesthetic touch-ups, mainly in the northern area.
- Unused textures pruned - ANIMDEFS lump has been modified as a result to get rid of the animations I didn't use. (also RFALL1 animates a bit faster)
- Sector effects now use the correct numbers. I had a few instances of sector effect 8 when I should've used 72 (instinctive holdover from Boom mapping).
- Moved some crates and things around, hopefully it's no longer possible to get stuck anywhere.
- Added a couple more hazardous floors.
- Added hidden/secret lines.
- Made the backpack a secret area. You have to get it by jumping over an obstacle, after all.

This is v3, not v2, because I did "release" a v2, but only over IRC. Term probably didn't see it and so it's not included in the test build he streamed. Whoops! :o My bad.

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Aye, sorry for the slideshow, that performance was awful so I will be staying away from large outdoor design types for zandronum in future.

This update is to try and fix the super shotgun that probably fell through the beam as it was a few pixels inside it, now it's two above.

I've never seen kuras map that was mentioned.


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DUMP 2 had a delay of almost two months, and here DUMP 3 took about a three-and-a-half month delay to get out. I mentioned last time that I have a newfound appreciation for community project organizers, but this time especially so.
Well, let's not beat around the bush anymore. The maps are released. Info in the first post, as is the build. Weapons are still in-dev and will probably take a little bit more time to get out.

It's kind of interesting how much DUMP has changed. From a collection of maps from some friends, once I opened it up to the public it got...really interesting. 120 total submissions, and 80 maps made it through.
Bloody hell. I thought DUMP 3 was going to be smaller, due to people making weapons.

I think it's safe to say this format has some real problems, though. As Yholl pointed out, even just an average 32-map megawad made by multiple people can take years to come out--trying to cram the sheer amount of maps DUMP provides in just a couple months is brutal.
And with this came a massive drop in QA. DUMP 1 was relatively tight. None of the maps broke, and if they did, because they were friends, I was able to just quickly get in contact with them, tell them what was up, and fix things. Here, thoroughly testing all 80 maps is a nigh-impossibility, I download stuff from the links provided and people swear they're the updated version and several times it turns out they're not, and if things are broken...well. Hope the mapper is willing/knows how/wants to fix it.
For DUMP 4, I'm going to need to do some serious thinking. The project has gotten too big for its own good. DUMP 4 needs to be downscaled immensely. I don't know how it'll be done, but it's going to be done. So if/when DUMP 4 comes out, expect to see some serious changes.

Boy that all sounds doom and gloom, doesn't it? Ah, sorry about the downer of a serious talk. Even with all of the troubles, even with the delays, the issues, and the couple of people thinking I was doing nothing but sitting on my duff eating pies, DUMP 3's been an interesting ride. DUMP has always been intended to be a learning experience first and foremost, and each iteration always manages to teach us all something new. Or at least it teaches me something new. So for that, even if things get chaotic, I'm happy.
As usual, for the folks that mapped, pat yourself on the back. Whether it came out good or it came out bleh, you still have a bit more knowledge under the belt. For the folks that want to play, enjoy and have fun.

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Congratulations on finally getting this released! Organizing a large project can be like herding cats, to say nothing of all the tasks that inevitably fall to you once the submissions are in, so good job on getting everything together!

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this seems like a great mapset. I'm trying to host it with "+survival 1", but i only get cooperative mode, with infinite lives. Is this intended or can it be changed some way?

I'm using zandronum 3.0 BTW (Zandronum 3.0-alpha - 160519-2047M - SDL version), compiled for a raspbian pi. I don't have this problem when hosting other wads with this version. Furthermore i just copied the command line args to the server from an other setup. So it must be something with the wad itself.

Due to lack of knowledge about the internals of .wad files, i put this question here.


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Played through MAP01-10 so far, as well as all the secret maps. Here are the glitches I've found so far. I am using Zandronum 3.0 in software mode to play this, as it was specified as "the bare minimum of compatibility" in the original post. (ZandroDev3.0-160814-2010windows is the specific version I'm using.) I've placed the bugs under the "spoiler" tag to prevent, well, spoilers for people who haven't played it.


HUBMAP: The Church of Benellus -
* One side of the rock formation west of the church (linedef 6261 and 6281) has an obviously wrong texture applied.
* The title caption given for MAP06: Ruins & Lava prints incorrectly, as the default ZDoom font does not have an ampersand character.

MAP01: Check-In -
* Whenever there is any instance of a midtex window, the texture will bleed through the sector floor. (Linedefs 115, 730-732, and 344.) This is because there is no visual difference between the sectors surrounding the linedef. This can be fixed by increasing the brightness of one surrounding sector each by as little as one point, which will preserve the window's appearance to the human eye. (EDIT: If the map is converted to Hexen format, a Line_SetIdentification flag can be set to clip the midtexture to fix this as well.)
* When the blue skull is acquired, the closet with the chaingunner (sectors 437 and 438) is visible on the automap even though the rest of that area is hidden. Setting all of its associated linedefs to "hidden" will eliminate this seeming lack of polish.

MAP02: Pissboy -
* The sides of the secret "door" (linedefs 381 and 383) are set as upper and lower unpegged, which causes the sides of the door to move when it's opened. For this lowering wall, removing the lower-unpegged flag will fix the issue.
* When you teleport after picking up the red key, the outer sides of the lowering platforms (linedefs 438, 448, 453, 454) are also set as upper and lower unpegged, which causes their textures to not move at all. Removing the lower-unpegged flag is all it takes to fix it, as doing so in this case will not affect the texture alignment on these linedefs.
* At the end of the level, the glass window (linedefs 46, 48, 49) bleeds through the sector floor. Because the level is in UDMF format, it can be fixed by setting the "clip middle texture" flag for each linedef.

MAP03: Simplicity is Golden -
* If you fall off the top of sector 16 and behind the tree (thing 84), you will be trapped behind it unless you spend a few seconds trying to run through the 32-unit gap in the north. Moving the tree a few map units to the west will allow the player to escape more easily.

MAP06: Ruins & Lava -
* The fancy sky can noticeably glitch out based on the player's location and viewing angle. (This must be examined further.)

SECRET5: Escape Plan -
* In Zandronum 3.0, this level is unwinnable because the script for the blood walkways (script "4_Room", starting on line 112) never completes. After the "raise the ceiling" portion of the script, Zandronum reports "Unknown P-Code 365" and stops the script there. As a result, the "lower the floor" command never executes, and thus the "4_freeze" script never leaves its while-loop, which freezes the player in place until tag-14 sector floors reach a certain height. This happens because Zandronum 3.0, at this time, does not support "script scope" arrays (arrays that are defined within a script). Moving the array declaration at line 123 outside of any script, making it a "map scope" array, will fix the script and enable completion of the map.

SECRET6: Real Is Shit -
* Three monsters in the final passage (things 40, 139 and 141) are incorrectly set as dormant, making them both immobile and invincible, preventing 100% Kills.
* None of the ScriptedMarines in the level are counted in the Kills count, even though they are obviously enemies. One fix is to create a CustomInventory item that has nothing but a "Pickup" state with "TNT1 A 0 A_ChangeFlag("CountKill",1)" and "Stop" in that order as the only lines, and then add an ENTER script to the level to give it to every ScriptedMarine in the level (give them all the same tag and use it for best results).
* The texture credits given for this level are incorrect: I did not create any of the "Noir Pack" textures used in this level, as all I did was compile FuzzballFox's work into a WAD. (P.S. What a horrific waste of a good texture pack.)

UPDATES (11:56 PM PDT, 1:03 AM PDT): Fixed an erroneous description ("reducing/increasing" -> "increasing" brightness; midtex fix works in vanilla ports too; Hexen format/UDMF solutions to the midtex bugs).

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The Green Herring said:

Whenever there is any instance of a midtex window, the texture will bleed through the sector floor. (Linedefs 115, 730-732, and 344.) This is because there is no visual difference between the sectors surrounding the linedef. In ZDoom-based ports, this can be fixed by reducing/increasing the brightness of one surrounding sector each by as little as one point, which will preserve the window's appearance to the human eye.

ZDoom literally has a click box to cull midtexs normally in UDMF, and a flag for Line_SetIdentification in Hexen if the map was made in that for some dumb reason. No need to go for that method when the target port literally has this feature.

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