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How do put skins in zdoom and where do I download them?

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As tge title says, How do I pust skins in zdoom? Will it conflict with mods that already have custom skins? And where do I download them?

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Have no fear Halfblind is here.

I will try to assist you the best that I can. I too have been learning how to install, implement and create skins myself as of recent.

1. My Issues With Skins:

Here is a link to my thread telling of all the issues that I have had while working with skins.

----My Skin Issues

2. My Skin resources for Heretic:

Here is a link to my skin resources that I am currently compiling for Heretic. These are for future use in my Heretic DM project. You may use these skins to learn how the scripting works.

----My Dropbox Archive

3. How to Install Skins:

Legacy was one of the first Doom ports to use skins. Zdoom uses the same format and structure as legacy except with the added functionality of using a sound info script directly inside the skin lump file. The easiest way to install skins in Legacy, Zdoom, Zandronum and other ports that support skins is to create a new folder called “skins” inside your game directory. Any wad file found in this directory is loaded automatically when the port initializes. If you use the same sound files for multiple skins you can include them all in a separate wad containing only the sound files.

4. How to Create Your Own Skins:

The below links have helped me learn how to create my own skins, when I have the sprite frames available.

----The Doomworld Skin Page
----Doom Wiki Skin Page
----Zdoom Wiki Skin Page

5. Skins Sprites as Monster Sprites:

I do not know if this is possible with Zdoom but I wish you could use the sprite frames from the skin directory as monster sprites or vice versa. That way there would be no need to include them again in your mod or map set.

6. Where to Download Skins

Below are a few links of where I have download skins. I hope you find what you need there and I hope this helps you a lot:

----Skin Downloads at Epidermis Emporium
----Skin Downloads at Doomworld

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Or make a skins folder in the GZDoom directory and place skins in there?
Works fine for me.

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