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A three level wad for Heretic Back to the routine

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Welcome to my thread i created this wad over some weeks
worked on it an hour a day on weekends and now finally its finished.

Feedback would be Appreciated.

Tested with Zandronum



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Was my first coustom Heretic WAD I ever played and i only played Level 1 and some of 2 :P but maybe add some Secrets and make it a little bit non linear ... beside that it was fun to play

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I thought it was decent, but it lacked some important things:
-Artifacts! They're fun to use and one of the things that set Heretic apart from Doom.
-Lighting. Just about everything was flat, and with Heretic's limited texture set, flat lighting makes the maps look quite bland.
-Secrets, make exploring fun and rewarding.

There were also a few problems with missing textures/HOMs, and textures on door tracks moving because they weren't set to lower unpegged.

Despite all that it was relatively enjoyable to play through, there was at least a steady stream of things to shoot at and the low amount of health helped to keep me engaged.

FDA with ZDoom 2.8.1 if you want it:

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