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Possible way to track ammo?

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If you key-bound the trigger button and used a counter to add every-time it's hit, could you keep track of ammo types per load-out and set it each to a variable?

Could you then use empty pickups to fill only certain variables and thus split ammo types?

I don't have access to doom for another week, so I can't test this myself. I think all the resources are there, it's a matter if the logic is possible, which I think it is.

Basically, you limit the player to 1 gun until they use the switch weapon logic to switch to another gun (by changing their loadout), and then you give/take ammo in relation to the variable set. I suppose you would also need a counter and keybind logic repeated each time you switched weapons, but use a different variable to keep track of the count.

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sadly as of right now you can only track guns with ammo that use a set amount per trigger pull, as we can't use ammo spent as a veriable. Also sadly we can't use how much damaged recieved as a variable yet either.

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Well, each gun has an ammo count, so just do it manually.

give ammo -> 1% => repeat until X count (X count being the times the trigger key was hit)

1% would change to the lowest limit per gun.

I don't know why we need to track damage for ammo counts.

Of course this only works with trigger presses. On trigger release guns (chaingun, plasma) you could either not include them or use a duration for the trigger press to count the ammo (since they will shoot X % for every Y seconds held).

I understand this is overly complicated.

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MrGlide said:

sadly as of right now you can only track guns with ammo that use a set amount per trigger pull

ya the problem with those guns is their fire rate is higher then we can count using a timer. Thats why I said per Trigger Pull. As for the damage comment I said that because It's another variable that's frustratingly missing.

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