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Playtesting Stream #10 feedback thread

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For my 10th playtesting livestream on my twitch channel, I've decided to try out something a bit different to try and help out the mappers that I cover.

Instead of just PM'ing the mappers about the livestream, I've decided to create a forum thread about the maps covered in the playtest session, to see if I can encourage my fellow Doomworld people to give useful feedback to these mappers based off what they see and/or play for themselves. Since I tend to cover newbie mappers/those asking for feedback on their maps, I feel this will be helpful to widen the net on possible people helping them out via playing their stuff! And if this thread works out well, I plan to do this for each of my future playtesting streams in the hopes of it becoming a regular thing around here.

https://www.twitch.tv/johnsuitepee/v/69398841 = Playtesting Stream #10

Anyways, on with the list of the 10 mappers I covered this time around in the order they were tested on the livestream....
Mapper: Angry Saint
Map: Asylum
Thread: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/87804-asylum-vanilla-doom-2-map-gameplay-update/

Generally I felt this map was decent on the gameplay front, with good ambushes being used. Texturing seemed alright as well, although question marks in the stream chat over the door texture. The orange key ambush of the lone Archvile could have been a bit more, perhaps having the Archvile pillar lower all the way to the ground so it could have a chance to resurrect things?

Mapper: burgerobot
Map: Burgerobot's Rooms of DOOM
Thread: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/88504-my-first-doom-2-map/

This was lame. Based off a simple gimmick, this was over very quickly and way too basic & dull. Nothing much else to say on this one, other than I'd like to see the mapper try to make a good map without a gimmick next time?

Mapper: everennui
Map: Castleveinyeah (Work In Progress)
Thread: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/87156-castleveinyeah/

While clearly not finished, I saw some good potential within this 5-level wad. Lots of ZDoom feature usage was on rough display (3D slopes, etc), and custom enemies galore. The platforming elements may be hit or miss depending on how it's handled, as I always feel platforming in Doom is usually weak unless specifically focused on (e.g. Doom: The Golden Souls). Nice early detailing was present, and I look forward to seeing the full version of this sometime. The livestream chat was very divided on this one.
P.S. My apologies to the mapper for streaming this when I wasn't supposed to.

Mapper: Gothic Box
Map: Metbase v1.1
Thread: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/88492-metbase-my-first-released-wad-v1-1-released/

Thankfully caught the updated version. I liked the use of the outside view parts, especially that E2M2-esque secret run. Could have perhaps used some detailing outside though, particularly to disguise the sandy wall stretching out. Gameplay-wise this map was alright, although perhaps a bit more punch could have been added to the Mancubus/Pinky encounter. Decent texturing and detail. Not bad for a first wad.

Mapper: mayfoos
Map: Zanko Miron!
Thread: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/88142-zanko-miron/

These 3 levels had a classic Doom 2 feel to them. I particularly liked map 3, with the good buildup at the start and the decent Cyberdemon usage. Nothing particularly outstanding, nothing wrong. Just felt like a decent 3 map wad in general. Also not bad for a first wad!

Mapper: nihilistic
Map: Precinct_map03_fix.wad
Thread: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/87693-1-map/

Tough map. Questionable lack of health resources before the big encounter at the end; ammo not somuch a problem with the secret "ammo shed". I disliked the Hell Knight elevator encounter; reminded me of Hell Revealed (I didn't like HR) with its awkward slugfest of having to deal with them. I liked the focus on the "house" with the pack of monsters salivating inside. Didn't figure out the plasma/megasphere secret.

Mapper: Rook
Map: Sucker Punch
Thread: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/85727-sucker-punch-beta-update-jan-30/

This was the best map of this playtest stream! Excellent gameplay, good music choices and 3 maps that reminded me a bit of Lunatic by skillsaw. Great use of Archviles throughout the 3 levels. Was questioning whether the end of map 03 could have used a Cyberdemon or not. Fun to play throughout, I look forward to more things from Rook!

Mapper: Solid Plissken
Map: Diabolic Cathedral (E3M5 replacement)
Thread: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/88488-solid-plisskens-first-wad/

Lack of punch with the Pinky monster closet traps. The red pillar room was particularly disappointing. Texture alignment was poor on each and every staircase, and several other areas to boot. Gameplay was alright but nothing special; needed more multiple angle attacks as rdwpa commented. Detailing was good in places, like with the grave/marble tower area outside.

Mapper: Unf
Map: The U.A.C earth base
Thread: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/88036-the-first-wad-i-ever-made/

5 maps of shameful mistakes. Invisible enemies that only appear when attacking have no place in Doom! (map 02) Seemed like the mapper was experimenting with ZDoom stuff, poorly. Perhaps try making a good map first before dabbling with ZDoom features? (map 05's friendly marines killing all the enemies before you see any of the action.....yeah)

Mapper: ztkt
Map: nomorehitler.wad
Thread: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/88247-another-wad-by-me/

Map 03 was a joke, I got that thankfully beforehand. This was slaughter custom enemy spam of a highly questionable order. (thanks for the ear-rape several times on map 1...not!) I somehow managed to beat both maps with brute force and speedy quickloading, but this was.....mostly awful. Yet I saw a tiny bit of potential future slaughter mapper potential with the 2 non-joke maps; pending better level design and more creative custom enemy usage of course. I'd really like to hear what an established slaughter mapper thought of this one to be honest, as at face value this was a jokewad/poorwad but I dunno, I saw a tiny glitter of possible potential?
(EDIT: Having seen his "next offering", I'm concluding that this mapper just makes unplayable joke maps for fun. Lame.)

Hope this helps! Feel free to leave comments on these maps if you play them in this thread.

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From what I saw last night, I must say that asylum looked and played quite decently. Some textures however were a bit eh as far as doom is concerned, the door textures for example looked a little goofy but heh, that's just a slight nitpick of mine and as long as the gameplay is here, that's perfectly fine. This mapper has some potential and I can't wait to see what he does next.

Rook's 3 map wad was also awesome. Granted, I had played this before (a slightly earlier version) but it was still fun to see it again. My only complaint here is that, due to the shortness of the maps, I feel as if it needs 3 or 4 additional maps and, I would consider it a solid contender for a cacoward (yes, I'm not joking here) because I feel that rook has some neat ideas. I especially like the color coded difficulty, it may look simplistic but it's the simpler things that stand out sometimes. Continue.

The rest of the maps played ranged from alright to all out shit (Sorry unf and nomorehitler). Granted, I may have been a little harsh on nomorehitler.wad but it trully felt as if no effort whatsoever was put into this. It's true that the first 2 maps aren't terribad but still, they aren't what I call fun either hehe. Maybe he will learn from his mistakes? Also, this wad almost made me deaf...

Anyhow, thank you for the playtesting stream suite. Tons of fun, as usual. The chat was also fun this night (thanks fuzzball, ad_79, anonimvio, etc...) haha. Sorry for everenui's surprising attitude (I honestly did not expect this from him). I have no idea whether he was joking or not but I still think it was not needed but anyhow, let's hope it was just this one time hehe

I will try and have my current boom map finished for your next playtesting stream but, I won't promise anything :)

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Thank you for your interest, Suitepee. I will watch your play ASAP.

Regarding the door, well, I wanted to limit myself to the textures available in the Asylum Texture Set by DethteX, Rick Clark and editor, so I had few doors to use (I think 2 or 3 in total), I tried to do my best with the available resources.

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Solid Plissken said:

Cool, I just saw your review for my map and I'm keeping in mind what to improve for my Episode 4 replacement.

I'm glad that my playtesting session has helped you out.

I'm also glad to see that it seems my thread has PERHAPS encouraged people to check out the original threads by the mappers linked here, which hopefully means more playtesting and feedback for them as was the intention of this thread in the first place!

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Heh, it's nice seeing that someone decided to play my shitty first wad! I made that wad years ago, I have made better stuff, altough not released any of them.

[shameless_self_promotion](If anyone wants to check out any of my other stuff, check geocities.ws/bootlegproducts300/ ; Other stuff I have done is a map for Doomed In Space, map07 in the current beta I think)[/shameless_self_promotion]

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Unf said:

Heh, it's nice seeing that someone decided to play my shitty first wad! I made that wad years ago, I have made better stuff, altough not released any of them.

[shameless_self_promotion](If anyone wants to check out any of my other stuff, check geocities.ws/bootlegproducts300/ ; Other stuff I have done is a map for Doomed In Space, map07 in the current beta I think)[/shameless_self_promotion]

I'd like to see a map what you've made since the ones I played in this playtesting stream then in that case. Perhaps I'll get the chance someday.

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burgerobot said:

Everyone (including chat) hated my map. Ah, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't expected.

EDIT: I am currently working on a map that features 3D floors and a little bit of actual level design.

I hope you enjoy it when it gets done :)

Well, at least you inspired this:


And yes, I hope people do look forward to your next map!

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