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Single level WAD, "Base on The Border of The Hell"

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Hello, doom lovers! I wonder, if you are enjoying new game! Anyway, those of you, who haven't forgotten the classic doom, I've been working on a single level WAD. I'm not a pro mapper, but I think, it'll do. Get hyped, It's here! :)

Base on The Border of The Hell: The Keep of The Hell has fallen and Soldier managed to lock himself in a side room. He can die like a coward and unleash The Hellish Demons, or he can fight then back with everything he has and attempt to save the world. The choice is up to him.. up to you.

This is kinda open beta, still not final product, I may do some changes according to your feedback. I know map is a bit sneaky from start, but I hope you'll find your way.

Some photos:

After finishing the map, please, send me PM with feedback, or write a reply on this thread. Enjoy the map :)

Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oi1txmh95yxnv07/Base%20on%20the%20border%20of%20the%20hell.wad?dl=0

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You might want to change the title to 'Base on the Border of Hell', which sounds more legit; probably just a small conversion error into English.

Will download it for a run through tonight, I like Hellish maps :)

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