Rush demos [complevel -9]

FDA for map06 (not for DSDA). I was curious about why Anc didn't max this one and now I see why. :D

26:xx, not an exciting demo for 75% of its running because so much time is spent figuring out where to go next. I enjoyed the combat parts though. Funny ending where I exit at the same time as I finished a two-shot against the cyber. I guess the secrets are calculated into the normal progression, which is common for maps with this "mysterious" feel -- they weren't so obscure. The invul use is nice. Everything turning into lava at the end is cool too. The main thing to criticize would be the aesthetics. :P

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Heh, would've never thought this map could be that confusing... Well, thanks in any case.

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D2ALL UV Speed in 37:04

Tons of mistakes and safe strats, forgot yellow key and went the wrong way on map12.

Other than that its all right I guess.

First exit.

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