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Favorite Soda

Which soda is your favorite?  

91 members have voted

  1. 1. Which soda is your favorite?

    • Coca Cola (any variation)
    • Pepsi (any variation)
    • Mountain Dew
    • Sprite
    • Dr. Pepper
    • Root Beer
    • Cream Soda
    • Grape Soda
    • Orange Soda
    • Other (specify in thread)

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Has anyone else got bored of carbonated soft drinks? I cut them out of my diet a year ago and just don't seem to like them anymore.

Anyway this is my current love affair drink.

Amazing Polish fruit juice brand. Can't find it in liter bottles though. What a teaser

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TraceOfSpades said:

Never even heard of that stuff.

Chezza said:

Isn't it Alcoholic? At least the ones I purchased were.

Shakin' my god damn mo'fukkin head y'all don't know the only good thing Scotland has made that I know of

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Soda update: Apparently Crystal Pepsi from 1994 is back. I stopped at a convenience store to grab a drink for work and there it was in all of its sweet nostalgic clarity.

It only lasted a year or so when it was first introduced back then, so I didn't even get to try it as far as I recall. But damn, it's pretty good. There seems to be a light citrus flavor to it.

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Anyway, my choices would be either Sprite or Coca Cola.

I vote Sprite.

EDIT: Sorry, I'm an idiot.

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Irn-bru or Vimto for me. There used to be this cheap, but amazing tasting soda years ago in the UK called T&T or something along those lines, it was really fruity, like Fanta, but tasted nicer, smoother and more exotic.

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This thread is nothing but marketing research for Quakecon. Just wait and see that Himalayan tamarind soda will be the lead sponsor.

Adults 19-34 love to deathmatch while drinking orange soda.

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Crystal Pepsi, because you can sneak that shit into class in a water bottle. Kudos to whoever originally thought of that.

Also because the idea of drinking clear soda is badass to me for some reason.

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