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Two Speedmaps by me

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So, I haven't done much speedmapping, and thought I'd give it a whirl. Here are two maps I created. Each was given 2 hours for basic layout and then some time after for final touch ups and bug-fixing. Vanilla compatible. Tested with crispy doom and chocolate doom.

Here's the link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/if4tihauxcln3gs/sudospeedmaps.zip

And a few screenshots.


Level 1: The Forgotten Pier

Level 2: Descent

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these were pretty great, I enjoyed the layouts and the rather imposing setups. very impressive for speedmaps, I'd say.

here are some fdas:
01: https://www.mediafire.com/?pt5ia4pxico3tws
02: https://www.mediafire.com/?e6bra4rzz2sygub

02 was a DNF because I got tired of being smacked around by that cyb. probably makes it all the more rewarding though when you get the chance to kill him :). Also, it'd be nice if that map started off with a shotgun, grabbing it from those two sergeants in close quarters is no fun.

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That damaging water in map 01! That cyberdemon in map 02! Fun stuff. I too DNF the second map, though I eventually kill the cyber, it's a Pyrrhic victory as I'm pretty sloppy in doing so and my health drops low enough that another ambush gets me easily. Then I try once more and Good at Doom myself thoroughly. I'll go back in a bit with saves.

Anyhow really fun stuff, good job.

FDAs: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/attachment.php?postid=1621901

edit: Went back and beat it. The cyberdemon is a little annoying to kill, since you either have to take potshots at him through a window or time the jump onto the blood lift, but it's such an effective setup through the rest of the map that it's forgivable. I wonder if you'd lose much by having the player teleport right onto the blood lift, though.

There's a spot in the 2nd map where you hit a switch to lower a lift, and a second lift lowers with 3 sergeants on it. You can get stuck in the sergeant lift as it goes back up.

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Gave map 01 a try in BDv20 Classic Mode on HMP. Fun, the damaging water threw me off at first.

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These do not feel like speedmaps. These are much better thought out and designed than most speedmaps. Some fun intensity here.

Surprised and annoyed by damaging water. Didn't expect to see that except inside a nuclear plant. But because of that I did expect the blood to be damaging in MAP02. I might make the water and blood be less damaging than the lava, just to differentiate them. I like the central Cyberdemon. You always have to pay attention to him. Timing the jump to his platform sucked. Invulnerability sphere ran out while I was waiting for his elevator to lower.

Couple things.

In MAP01, you merged the offmap sector 143 with the rooms, instead of the walls, so linedef tag 12 didn't open them when you went for the Red Key.

In MAP02, linedef tag 10 lowers the lifts and releases the Shotgunners. If you grab the Medikit and ride the lift back up, you're stuck. Need a wall switch inside to lower it again. It'a actually moot, because you can ignore the entire area. You can trigger linedef tag 9, which raises the walkway, from the Box of Rockets on the other side of the opening. It's less than 64 units away.

Good maps.

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