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Are there any new gameplay mods in 2016?

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Well other than brutal doom or project brutality that is. Are there new gameplay mods released?

on the other note: Is there a japanese themed map pack similar to shadow warrior around?

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Brutal Doom and Project Brutality weren't released in 2016, unless you are talking about updates.

There will be a Doom 4 mod releasing this year, its called D4D. Search it on YouTube. The weapon sprites are amazing.

Also, there will be a mod called Doom Delta that will have the features of the Doom alpha and beta.

Dump 3 will also release this year, and there will be 2 seperate .pk3 files: one with maps, and the other with weapons. You can play the weapons part with any maps you like (Alien Vendetta, for exemple) and you can use any gameplay mod on the Dump 3 maps .pk3. What you probably are looking for are the weapons.

LegenDoom adds the legendary effects of Fallout 4: any random monster can turn into legendary, becoming stronger. If you defeat the monster, he will drop a normal Doom weapon, but with an extra effect, like extra firing speed or more damage. There are over 60 effects! Also, it is compatible with any monster mod, but you need to load LegenDoom before the monster mod.

Combined Arms is insane. Just play it, you will have a lot of fun.

Maybe there are more, but I don't know them.

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