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Doom Core multiplayer fix

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So I decided to make a co-op friendly version of Doom Core by removing the voodoo doll sectors from MAP18 & 29 as well as removing that obscure switch puzzle from MAP19; I also added deathmatch starts to the rest of the levels that didn't have them (although I'm uncertain of how well they play in that mode anyway) and made some additional fixes where necessary. Hopefully it'll play well enough and maybe we'll see something like this pop-up one day on the ZDaemon servers.

DCVfix.wad (update 2.0)

Any additional thoughts/comments are welcome of course.

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Nice to see this!

I made a coopfix for dcv some time ago: dcv-coopfix1.zip

The changes are described in the txt file, check out if there's something you perhaps missed; unless you already know about this wad.

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That's interesting! Didn't know there were two player 3's in MAP28; one of them was intended to be a player 2. I made those other fixes as well since I hadn't known about them. I've since made those fixes and updated the post. Thanks for the heads up on this.

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Additional input:

I only made the tele lines from the bk cage repeatable in map32, the tele lines leading to the bk cage should be repeatable too.

The dehacked in the wad is included in a way that won't work (not sure if that was the intention). There are two DEHACKED lumps in the wad of which the first one is empty and the second one is a WAD file included as a lump.

In map09, L604 (T19) has a boom-style generalised action 24721. (Afaik, the wad targets vanilla?)

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I did make the lines WR for the teleport to the blue key, thankfully. The DeHackEd files I'm uncertain about because I'm pretty sure someone else made it for this WAD when I released it (never worked with DeHackEd) so that could probably use a fix. The Boom line action is likely a slip-up on my part from converting Doom Core over to vanilla, as I did this over the course of some days. I think MAP15 has the same thing (linedef 84) with action 99 being unknown, yet somehow functions under chocolate doom properly?

The one on MAP09 doesn't seem to affect much, but I could address both accordingly.

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1-141 are valid vanilla linedef actions, my tool didn't find any other boomism in the wad apart from that one line in map09.

In vanilla, L604 will not lower the sector; in boom-compatible ports, it will. It does not break progression, the effect seems to be purely cosmetic, it just behaves differently in different ports/under different complevel settings. Whether you want to "fix" this, is completely up to you.

As for the dehacked, it only contains map names. If you want to do the simplest thing possible, just copy what I pasted below (excluding the dw "code:" header) into the first DEHACKED lump (using SLADE or your favourite editor) in the wad and delete the second DEHACKED lump from the WAD.


Patch File for DeHackEd v3.0
# Created with WhackEd2 0.60 build 214

# General version information
Doom version = 21
Patch format = 6

# Info for WhackEd2
Engine config = boom.cfg
IWAD = c:\documents and settings\michael jan krizik\my documents\downloads\doom2\doom2.wad

HUSTR_1 = level 1: Stratos One
HUSTR_2 = level 2: Silence Of The Lambs
HUSTR_3 = level 3: Fortress Command
HUSTR_4 = level 4: Locked And Loaded
HUSTR_5 = level 5: Echoes
HUSTR_6 = level 6: Kingdom Come
HUSTR_7 = level 7: Maximum Carnage
HUSTR_8 = level 8: The Flood
HUSTR_9 = level 9: The Foxtrot
HUSTR_10 = level 10: Artillery Base
HUSTR_11 = level 11: The Cyberstation
HUSTR_12 = level 12: The Old Abandoned Mill
HUSTR_13 = level 13: Subterranean Suburbs
HUSTR_14 = level 14: Magnum Opus
HUSTR_15 = level 15: Toxic Wastelands
HUSTR_16 = level 16: Fistful Of Lead
HUSTR_17 = level 17: Spire Of A Dove
HUSTR_18 = level 18: Fueling Docks
HUSTR_19 = level 19: Mountain Stronghold
HUSTR_20 = level 20: Core Babylon
HUSTR_21 = level 21: Remembered Fear
HUSTR_22 = level 22: Gehenna
HUSTR_23 = level 23: Nexus
HUSTR_24 = level 24: Beyond The Firestorm
HUSTR_25 = level 25: Stormfall
HUSTR_26 = level 26: Anastas' Pledge
HUSTR_27 = level 27: Military Strength
HUSTR_28 = level 28: Walkway To Valkyrie
HUSTR_29 = level 29: The Gutterway
HUSTR_30 = level 30: Frontiers
HUSTR_31 = level 31: Dreamscape
HUSTR_32 = level 32: Like A Fist

Btw, the puzzle in map19 can perhaps get a bit annoying if people are being idiots and just keep pressing at random ruining any chance to observe, but I don't think it was a deal breaker. The fix also left all the monsters, which would otherwise possibly teleport in, forever locked in their closets.

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Good catch on MAP19: shows you how long it's been since I've played these levels, lol. I'll update the link again shortly; thanks again for being a tremendous help in this.

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