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New Map: The Beginning of the End (ID: 9JVVWSKG)

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I just published my map called "The Beginning of the End". It's fairly large (100% size), with 4 keys to collect and 3 secrets to find. When you reach the exit, it tells you how many secrets you have found. A BFG is included, but it only lasts 2 minutes or so (to keep it from being overpowered). There are very few lock-downs. I try to leave doors open so you can roam around, even run away from demons if you want (for those who want to speed-run). Overall, I aim for a fairly "traditional" Doom experience that may remind you of classic Doom. I tested it and killed about 150 demons at the end. Don't know if that's a high number or not, but I was kept pretty busy. It's not overly difficult. Feedbacks would be much appreciated. It seems SnapMap allows fast mapping (I only spent 3 days on this), but it's for the players to decide if the results are any good. I haven't yet played a lot of custom maps myself.

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I made a few changes, mostly adding more demons, and republished the map with the new ID: 9JVVWSKG

You may also search the keyword "Beginning of the end". There is only one other map by that name. Mine is published by DoomPhreak.

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