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Doom (2016) Sales

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rileymartin said:

And yet Diablo 3 managed to sell over 30 million copies, most of them on the PC. Hell, it had 12 million sales in the first year as a PC exclusive. Doom 4's lack of success is not because "PC player don't buy games". id designed Doom 4 as a console shooter so why would it possibly sell better on the PC?

I would say that steam people are more keen to wait for sales, because sales on steam are a huge deal (I bought almost every game in my library for less than 10$, even AAA titles). Console guys are far less considerate and if they want to spend less they have to wait half a year min to get 20% if they're lucky.
Another point is the appeal of the game related to the age of the audience. Who had grown with Doom will be carried by nostalgia, but many adults don't give a damn about doom and prefer other genres. The targeted audience here are teenagers. And the majority of teenagers plays on consoles (because they are cheap and intuitive in every aspect, despite being terrible as a whole)

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MiNaM said:


You can still beat modern consoles with 8 years old hardware from 2008 paired with 2 years old GPU from 2014 !

an i7 920 Nehalem processor overclocked to 3.4GHz or higher with 12GB of triple channel DDR3 1600 RAM and a GTX 970 would beat the shit out of any console and max out most of the modern titles @ 1080p

SLI that 970 and you'll beat the latest hardware "i7 6700k & DDR4" paired with a single GTX 980 !

Edit: adding some sources..

i7 920 @ 4GHz, 6GB Triple Channel DDR3 @ 1524Mhz,2x GTX 970 SLI
3dmark.com/fs/3234573]3DMark FS Score: 15554

i7 6700K @ 4.2GHz, 16GB Dual channel DDR4 @ 4264Mhz, 1x GTX 980
3dmark.com/3dm/8163274]3DMark FS Score: 11512

The problem being it cost you $2000 or more to build that beast of a system back in 2008. My budget was $1000 or less at the time so not everything I put in the system was top-shelf. It was very decent, but not one of those con computers that you need Manhatten Project glasses to wear from all the spinning LEDs when you turn it on, a 1000W power supply that dims the lights in the room when you power it up, or liquid nitrogen for cooling :P

I plainly remember that when choosing the CPU for my system at the time, the Core i7 processor alone, by itself, was $500.

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Ever since Sandy Bridge in 2011 I don't think that has been the case. For purely gaming purposes there isn't a compelling reason to go i7, the i5 serves well.

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Quasar said:

Technology standards far outpace your ability to keep using a PC indefinitely.

Maybe, but who uses a system indefinitely? I think a PC far outshines a console in terms of how long you can use it with nicer graphics and the ability to upgrade marginally to boot. I've had the same system since 2010 and I four years with maybe a couple smaller upgrades interspersed before needing to upgrade everything entirely to a new system. If you want cutting edge, yeah you're going to have to do it a lot sooner and have shorter windows of system use, but in the former case it's still better than a console as far as a lifespan/quality ratio is concerned.

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for a game of that size 3 million copies isn't passing usually, after the markets get their cut, taxes, not to mention they've sold quite a few copies on sale. hopefully sales will continue to rise.

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Well if Pete Hines recently stated that both Rage and the evil within sold well enough to make sequels then I would't be so worried about Doom cos it is defenately way more succsesfull than those 2 games.

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