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Wave event question

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Most spawners have a setting for spawn location, but a wave event doesn't have one. So where is the spawn point for it? Anywhere within a module? If a module is not in lockdown, will spawning occur in neighboring modules? I use mostly wave events in my map and I notice the spawn locations seem unpredictable...

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If you go to the wave event properties, does the wave event spawner have the same options as a custom group spawner? 'explicit location' 'connecting modules' 'close proximity'

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No it doesn't. The properties only include number of waves, number of encounters, difficulty, etc. As I said, they seem to spawn in unexpected places. I also don't use lockdowns. Doors between modules are always open, meaning demons can run right through, going from one module to another. I like the idea of demons chasing you from module to module. And demons also don't seem to be able to open doors. So I have doors always open so they can chase me all over the place. So I really want to know, in my case, whether wave event spawns can occur in adjacent modules when doors are always open. My observation seems to show that they do, but I can't be sure.

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