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Old Doom Levels Reimagined

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I don't know what forum to put it in (I didn't want to do creative works cause no one goes there :P)

But anyways, awhile ago I thought; hey, you know what would be fun! Drawing old doom levels in the art style of DOOM!

So I went ahead and started drawing perfect hatred reimagined (ver wary wip) I don't know how to do images on doomworld so I just linked my tumblr

If you want to do the same thing with other levels, go ahead! I'm just throwing this drawing out there for people to be inspired to do other cool drawings

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It's pretty cool. I sorta wish that the Classic maps would have been reimagined for the new engine, but I suppose id may or may not give us the Classic Doom remake in a DLC or something like that. :D

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TheWizard said:

Nice drawings but dude that orange text on a teal background is brutally hard to read. Why?

I tried to make my blog as ugly as possible

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