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1 Question and 1 Request for Opinion

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Hello everyone!

I come to you with one technical question and one "in your opinion" type of question.

My technical question is regarding player input. I've noticed the object that looks like a controller that is supposed to take player input. I tried using it in the past and noticed it's available at all times, not event driven. While I can see the use of this (Give the player the power to summon a random friendly demon every 2 minutes for example) I want to use it in a different way. Is it possible to request player feedback using the object and can anyone point me to a good tutorial on how to do so?

I would also like some opinions. I created the map "Janitor vs Zombies" a couple weeks ago. The map is going to be a 3-part story because the scripting and detail I put into it means i can't fit the whole story into just one map. So I've really been struggling on what to call part 2.

I originally picked Janitor vs Zombies because it sounded unique and would grab attention. Naming the second part "Janitor Vs Zombies Part 2" just seems kind of lame though.

The story centers on a mysterious project known as Project Nirvana. So what do you think of these names:

Janitor Vs Zombies Part 2
Janitor Vs Zombies: The Nirvana Project

Or just

The Nirvana Project.

I could either put in the description that it directly continues where part 1 left off or i can just let the player find out when they start the map. (A message informs them that this is part 2 and its strongly suggested to play part 1 first)

I'm really struggling with the name so opinions/inspiration would really be appreciated!

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I'm asking if it's possible to request input from the player and then depending on which button they ask make a specific action occur.

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For the name, maybe just the Zombies vs Janitors for the first one, and then the others have subtitles.

Zombies vs Janitors: The Revenge
Zombies vs Janitors: The Escape
Zombies vs Janitors: The Return of...

and so on

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