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SnapMap MOBA ?

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Yeah I saw this one too while making Armies of Hell. Trust me... there are worlds of differences.

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PsychoGoatee said:

The kotaku article mentions it features "a jungle". I didn't see one in the video, and I'm not sure how there would be a jungle in SnapMap. Any idea?


The Jungle is adjacent to the main lane. It spawns a random Demon every 10 seconds. When a team hires a merc, it despawns the Jungle camp to compensate for the 12 demon cap on the map. After the merc is killed, the jungle creeps start spawning again.

I'm also not sure if you are mistaking the moba term Jungle as in an actual Rain Forest type environment.

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VentedPennies said:

He is.

There ya go. I was wondering if they meant they were somehow faking a jungle, like how players have faked hell or Mario-esque cartoony environments with color player volumes thingies etc.

I'm not very familiar with that genre.

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