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Ideas for new multiplayer monsters

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So with the game's release there were for initial demons to play as. And most of you know that the fifth DLC monster will be the harvester(due to leaked footage). The harvester seems a little bit underwhelming IMO. So I'm here to brainstorm some ideas for new demons to play as.

1.the archvile/summoner-it would be interesting if you could play as the archvile,as they could make it so the only way to move around would be to teleport around,like they do in campaign. They could implement this by making it so that you select the location your going to warp to,similar to the prowler. The regular attack would be the argent blast they use in the campaign, and it's special ability would be to periodically open hell portals that either summon Possessed in groups of four,imps in pairs,or possessed soldiers in groups of 3. Maybe make it have 300-375 health.

2.pinky/spectre-it would move around normally. The base attack would be a normal slap(I'm sure they are able to do that in campaign). The special ability could either go invisible, or have a fast charge attack. Or it could always be invisible,and have a charge attack. Make it's health about 500-600,and of course make it take more damage from the back.

So those are some of my ideas,but I'd like to hear some of yours.

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Doing that charge as the Pinky seems like kinetically interesting from a gameplay standpoint. That would be pretty cool.

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Germanys Chancellor Merkel as playable Demon. She will do nothing, just run around showing her "Triangle of Power" to Enemy Players...

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