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HELP! Possible 1.03 glitch.

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So as I was building my fourth level with the same code I've used in the previous three I updated the game to 1.03. I installed the patch halfway through building the level and I believe it glitched out my level. Every time I played multiplayer the other players get kicked or disconnected. is anyone else having this problem or seeing this problem occur in knows a solution?

You can play the map completely fine single player but if two players play at the second player gets kicked out in the middle level if a third player joins everyone gets kicked immediately except for the host. All of my other levels don't have this problem and all of my other levels are using the same exact code.

It's a great map if you are looking for a single player map at the moment.

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Found out why when playing it with two players the second player would drop out half way through. I have a shoot trigger that opens the wall and everytime you shoot it it kicks the players. That's messed up.

It's still kicking everyone immediately when I get a third or forth player at the start of the match.

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