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The Pwn-Shop is Now Open! (Survival map)

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I just finished my first serious map, and thought I'd post it here for everyone to enjoy and to get some general opinions. If anyone has any questions or concerns feel free to PM me. I'm on XBL (TECH PH33R) if anyone wants to run it with me, or collaborate.


The Pwn-Shop

Welcome to the Pwn-Shop the only thing sold here is hot death. Step inside where the steel is cold and the bullets are free. Kill enemies and survive to earn credits. Everything is available in the shop for a price. Spend credits at terminals to buy enhancing drugs, guns, powerups, and even transform into a demon for a limited time. The BFG unlocks after wave 10, find the armor hall and it's yours if you can pay for it.


- Endless Survival
- Randomly generated waves and encounters, changes based on team size
- Bosses every 5 rounds
- Enemies get progressively harder, and get bonus damage and health multipliers at later levels.
- Terminals for all weapons and equipment, full heals and armor, powerups.
- Enhance yourself with drugs for player bonuses (400% health, armor, ammo, recharge. Double Damage and Speed)
- Demon Form Available
- BFG terminal unlocked after 10
- Ammo is placed freely on the map


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