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Bots for doom 1 and 2

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You can try one of the existing sourceports

If you choose zandronum head to Multiplayer>Offline Skirmish and setup the game the way you want, after that open console using the key "Tilde" and add bots with command "addbot"

And if you don't want graphical enhancements and such, use Strawberry Doom :

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Just as a side note, bots do not function properly in co-op, only deathmatch. The closest thing I've seen to a functional co-op bot comes from Doom Legacy, but even then it will get stuck on more complex maps.

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Well, for one, nobody has produced a bot able to consistently "solve" general Doom maps (aka find the exit, and identify necessary sub-tasks like activating switches, picking up keys etc.) in the general case. Also no bot has been produced that's better at vs monsters combat than human players. mostly because against monsters a 1-shot kill is not always guaranteed (unlike e.g. a deathmatch bot with a RL, railgun, SSG or BFG) and requires a lot of dodging, backtracking, circlestrafing, knowledge of monster behavior etc.

Not that either is impossible, just much harder to code than a "buddy" that just follows you and shoots monsters when it spots them.

Now, a combat bot able to dance around and out-melee the monsters themselves and consistently pull 2-shots against cyberdemons while dodging rockets at point-blank with TAS-like reflexes would be quite the sight O_o

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