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The Big Robb

Club Doom.wad. I mean what was the deal with it?

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I dont know if this was ever released as a wad for the pc but most people here will know about the Club Doom map at the end of Doom on the PSX. Now its a damn funky level and I remember it fondly and well but I mean, what was the deal with that one eh? Does anyone have any links to interviews with the developers of PSX doom I would like to hear what they have to say about the conversion from PC to PSX.

Since I'm on the subject of PSX Doom's hidden maps. The greatest map I have ever played is The Mansion. I only consider it the greatest because of the atmosphere it had. It really blew my mind. I don't know if anyone else feels the same way about it but when I played it I felt like I was in the mansion of evil from the movie "The Shinning." Maybe its not THE greatest but for atmosphere it wins it for me. Anyone else have a clue what I'm on about or am I just a dumbass who never managed to grow out of my "Doom Rules" stage?

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If you keep it here it will create a more interesting discussion and have a bigger responce than if it was in the PSX forum.

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I love Twilight Descends myself. If it's the LAST THING I DO, I want to bring Twilight Descends, The Mansion, and Threshold of Pain (and possibly The Marshes and Club Doom) over to the Doom 64 TC that me and some others are doing. Think of it. Those awesome levels with Doom 64 textures, and darker lighting. :)

If you want to play Redemption Denied and Spawning Vats from PSX Doom, there's PC versions of the wads on my site in my sig.

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