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Janitor Vs. Zombies 2: Nirvana (50 Hours Work)

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Hello everyone! I am very happy to bring the second installment of my zombie, story-based-map to the Snap-Map community. I have spent a whole lot of time between the first and second installments as both have a memory percentage of around 97%. I feel that I really heard the feedback given to me and tired to make this map even better than the last.

Please leave feedback!!!

Janitor Vs Zombies 2: Nirvana

Description: You are the lone survivor of a horrific accident in the UAC Biological and Genetic Research Labs. On a normal day your cleaning duties are interrupted by an explosion and find yourself thrust into a dark world where flesh-eating creatures roam the halls. In part one you are focused on getting the power online. Part two is all about the quest for answers. After turning on the power and making it to the security checkpoint in part 1, you now have access to the labs. What dark secrets will they answer?

1. I tried to make the zombie gameplay as fun and lore friendly as possible. As suggested previously the zombies health now varies. Some will go down with one shotgun blast and some may require a few pumps and a glory kill. You will also find yourself going against larger amounts in smaller spaces - Remember, don't let them bite or scratch you!

2. This map has some extremely heavy scripting. As you will see in the screenshots I put a LOT of work into it. Nearly every room has scripting that provides a unique feel and experience. There are no boring "filler" rooms in this map and everything is themed with custom props, lighting and events.

3. Fully devoted story. As you progress along you can find "Intel" folders that will provide small facts about the facility or it's experiments (as well as bonus points). Your objectives through the map are designed to lead you closer to understanding what the UAC has been up to and what went wrong.

I hope everyone will give it a try. If you have not had the opportunity to try the 1'st map I strongly suggest you do so before playing this as the story literally continues where the first left off. If you find your having trouble staying alive here is a tip - Don't get too close. The zombies can't hit you at range so if you keep your distance and pick them off one at a time you will do much better.

Map Code: RH679YLQ

Janitor Vs Zombies Part 1:https://www.doomworld.com/vb/snapmap/88462-janitor-vs-zombies-highly-detailed-horror-map-w-classic-zombie-gameplay/

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