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The Blood Cathedral (WIP)

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Hello all, so I'm working on a first real DOOM WAD called "The Blood Cathedral" that takes place in a surreal and corrupted church overrun by the demons. So, the main objective of this is to give you a PSX DOOM feel. And I got some feedback from some users on the "Post Your DOOM Pictures" thread as well, so I changed a few things. Added In some purple coloring that won't sore the eyes or anything, added In some windows along with a outside area.

Here's some screenshots:

(NOTE: Still debating on whether or not to change this)

There's more to it, but most of it is unfinished and not looking too good. I also have some questions: 1. How could I trigger a monster ambush? There's this one room where you grab a berserk and there'd be a ambush of Imps, but it seems to not be working. I could use a teleport trick. 2. Anyway that I could make an switch open a door, by any chance? 3. REALLY need to know how a elevator works

I'm entirely a noob on GZDoom Builder expect for doors, secrets, and other junk, so sorry for the questions. Share some of your feedback on the pictures If you like, whether if I need to change the lighting or give some areas better visuals. Though, I'm sicking more to gameplay than anything...

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Monster ambushes are easy, but first you need to have a plan for how it will go down. 1, where are the mobs coming from (teleport in, wall opens, door opens), 2, when is this happening (where is the player/trigger, is there a delay), and 3, how will the monsters themselves be activated (sight/sound). After that, it's just finding a trigger to work, setting tags and easy. Traps can be extremely varried and fluid, so don't let your imagination be the limiting factor; make something interesting! (bonus points for depth, like when a trap deploys at multiple times).

Learn what the letters in front of triggers mean, S1 or SR for a door can open a door 1 time or repeatably. S means swtich-activated, so that's what you're looking for. D is direct, as in the sector at its back is affected, no tag needed. G is gunfire-activated. W is walk-over-activated. Note that you do need to set tags for everything that isn't a "D" trigger.

Elevator or lift? I only ask because I picture elevators as both ceiling and floor moving, lifts as just the floor (stupid distinction, I know). Lifts are pretty easy, they start from their "up" position and typically "lower, wait, raise" to an adjacent floor, typically either next-lower or lowest. Monsters can activate "Wx lower wait raise" (not fast).

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Thanks for all that. I'm basically too much of a noob at this stuff but I see what I have to do now.

Hmm, there's one part where you have to go into a little room where a Chaingunner is to get a Red Keycard to open an door, and I was wanting it to go down when you press it. I suppose to make you think for a bit then realize "Ah! There's where the keycard is!", of course. If someone wants to be cheap and jump over it, then alrighty.

As for the fog, I think it fits the mood. This isn't really full on PSX DOOM, just inspired. But I suppose it'd give off more of a DOOM 64 vibe on some people.

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Improving on it a bit, added in a new room where Pinkies would spawn in and attack the player, I put in less fog and more.

I'll post some screenshots when I can.

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^ Thanks, maybe I don't have that much confidence but I think it doesn't look as great as many of you have said. Nice concept, but I just don't know what I'll do with it unless some people help me (Fonze is willing to help me with monster traps and lifts)

Maybe that's not the attitude to have, after all, it DOES look decent as a first map by me. I have maps that are a lot worse (they're like zthk's maps) on my old Windows Vista computer that's now completely trashed.

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