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Doomed Team, a SnapMap coop (or solo) map

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So, hello everyone.
After hours of working around snapmap's limitation, crying at spawns not working, cursing at the lack of features and crashing, I managed to complete Doomed Team, a coop (or solo, if you like a challenge!) map with class selection.


Featuring over 100 monsters (and a miriad of triggers just to circumvent the 12 demons limit, yay) 6 playable classes, limited lives and checkpoints, it's comprised of a serie of rooms with increasingly difficult fights, up to a final 2 minutes survival.
Not much attention has been paid to decoration since I just focused on placing crates (and blocking volumes!) around to improve the flow/hide ammo (I love hiding ammo) and so on.
Keep an eye out for power cores and their respective receptacles for some help in the final battle.

There MAY be a pair of sections where a pair of spawns just don't work, which is a bummer because the waves work on a counter that increases on kill.
If that happens hang on for a bit (90 seconds, to be exact): I've implemented a failsafe that summons the needed monsters (in a hidden room) and kills them (to be exact, kicks in if there are 4 or less monsters needed to continue and you - or any demon, in fact - haven't taken damage in 90 seconds).

If anyone's interested, here's a list of the playable classes:


- Heavy Assault Rifle (zoom mod)
- Combat Shotgun (explosive shot mod)
- Deployable Shield wall
- 125% damage, ammo, armour and health

- Plasmagun (stun mod)
- Combat Shotgun
- Supplies Health
- 75% equipment cooldown

- Vortex rifle
- Burst rifle
- Tesla Rocket
- 125% damage
- 150% equipment cooldown
- 50% armour

- Chaingun (gatling mod)
- Combat Shotgun
- Supplies Ammo
- 125% damage
- 200% health
- 150% ammo
- 75% equipment cooldown and movement speed
- Cannot doublejump

- Rocket Launcher (detonator mod)
- Heavy Assault Rifle
- Frag Grenades
- 150% armour
- 75% equipment cooldown and movement speed
- Cannot doublejump

- Super Shotgun
- Lightning Gun
- Siphon Grenade
- 125% speed
- 150% equipment cooldown
- 50% ammo and armour

Thanks and have fun!

P.S.: one more thing... does anyone know what's up with the game (talking about snapmap lobby) loading up to 99%, hanging for what seems like 5-10 minutes and then starting with everyone else disconnecting? I've tried to play with other people (with wait times as long as 20 or more minutes, yay) only to end up on my own again due to that.

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I tried this solo which was below your recommended amount obviously and I ran out of ammo. Found some scrounging around the level but it wasn't enough to do the job for me.

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Admittedly I was concerned that the inclusion of a class who can supply ammo would make its management a bit trivial so I may have gone a bit overboard with that limitation. Then again, knowing what kind of enemies are there and the location of ammo packs definitely also played a big part in my solo run tests.

I'm actually considering making it so that checkpoints reset health and ammo for each player, thus being able to distribute a bit more of it without making "stockpiles" at the start of each section and then barely put anything around other than that. Gotta say though, being at over 99% network isn't really helping (hooray for limits!).

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