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Music Thread (All Genre)

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[quote="EduXYZ" post="1624786"]


I second Gloria. First heard it on GTA and although it's not original (there was an Italian version first), it's still a pretty nice song.

Also I would suggest Black, Bee-Gees, OMD and Boney M. They came to my mind randomly, as I am mostly a classic metal guy (Iron Maiden and similar), but I appreciate good music generally.





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So I just found the album my Dad made in the early 90's its somewhat new age/synthy music, no vocals at all.

But when I came across this song I couldn't help but think it reminded me A LOT of the Back to Saturn X soundtrack, at least a few tracks from it. What do you think?


(ps whytf is youtube thumbnail not happening? got the [url] tags right...)

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