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Maximum Player Level

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Once you reach beyond 50, you get a Roman Numeral added next to your level and you're back to to 1. I played my share and got up to V. The highest I have seen was X from a hacker. I believe I'm starting to run out of content to unlock and I'm only half way there.

Anyone gotten much higher and still unlocking junk? It seems like there is a never ending list of taunts so I guess there is so much more to come.

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almost everyone is unlocking everything way before max, and X is the top level, it's the last "prestige". I'v seen a couple legit ones. Have you met SteveTheHero Yet? or are you not on pc?

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Steve the Hero? I had to google him.

I probably don't face him due to being on Oceanic servers, assuming they're dedicated.

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