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Is this idea plausible?

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So I have an idea. While I'm taking a break from the 3 part series I'm working on I had another idea but I don't know if it's practical or even possible.

I've seen that some people have used the player blocking object to do some pretty cool things so it got me wondering how far can you get with this? I have an idea for a map where the player is starting on a demonic game show where obviously if you die you lose.

I don't want to use the generic modules for this so I was considering how cool it would be to make a map that made us of 100% player blocking volumes of course with some lighting and effects. (Putting a transparent volume on top of a solid for example can look cool).

I'm talking about hallways, pits you have to jump over, multi-level stuff. The modules are big enough to do it I just don't know.

Do you guys think the resource % would make this difficult or drastically reduce the size the map will be? What resources does player blocking volumes use?

For example a series of rooms like this:


Has anyone tried it and been successful?

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One limitation of the player-blocking volume is that only players are blocked, not the demons. So if you don't mind demons passing through walls and floors, or have ways to prevent that, then by all means.

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Well you could technically add an object just inside the volume and for all intents that would solve the problem. For the map i was thinking it wouldn't really have demons except as an audience at times watching you from behind glass, sort of like an ultimate warrior obstacle course of death but I thought it would be neat to use the volumes to make a custom design just didn't know if it would be too heavy on the resources.

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Yeah, you can do that.

You'll just need to be pretty spot on with spawning and despawning the audience, since there will always be a limit of 12. I don't think player blocking volumes take up many resources, but I haven't tested it.

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DMGUYDZ64 said:

I thought there is some kind of "AI Blocking Volume" .

There is "AI inhibiting conductor", which prevents demons from *spawning* inside an area, but it doesn't prevent them from entering it.

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