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[SPOILERS] Just finished the campaign on UV (Thoughts and impressions)

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This is my 3rd post in these forums but so take it easy fellow doomers.

Game was a blast! I think most of you know this by now. The gameplay feels refreshing, not much of holding hands, none of that COD or modern military shooter gimmicks, levels are HUGE, lots of secrets and tough battles.

It took me roughly 13~14 hours to complete the campaign on UV which I must say wasn't too difficult so will try NM next. I was looking for secrets so this took a good chunk of time. Found almost all the doom marine toy and other secrets but the classic level secrets were hard to find (only found 2!). Anyway, here are some of my thoughts on a few aspects of this game:

1) The AI was surprisingly good and by that I mean i rarely saw any demon that got stuck (which seems to happen to alot of enemies in other games especially when different animations are involved on level designs with lots of platforms). Doesn't matter where you are in the arena, the whole "they are coming to get you" meant I had to be on my running/double jumping around the entire time. I dont think i've found a single spot in any arena to abuse the enemy AI because they couldn't get to me (or even if I did, id be blown to bits). And applies to all ground type enemies. Really impressed.

2) Found Cacos and Pinkies to be the toughest units to deal with. Cacos do so much damage and the timing between their attacks are fast. Hard to deal with when there are other demons attacking you too. Pinkies also are really annoying especially when other demons are nearby. Hard to outmaneuver the pinky when I could be running into a hell knight. On the otherhand, revenants/summoner were some of the easiest demons to kill.

3) I think they need to go back to drawing board with the Gauss cannon. Although it got me out of a few fights, its just simply too effective for everything especially Guass spams in boss fights (No need for other weapons). I think they need a different ammo type and make player less reliant on it. Just my opinion.

4) The more I played and the deeper I got into hell, I was expecting way more enemies than before. But unfortunately, that didn't seem to be the case. I think this is a side effect of the game being multi platform. So by the time I got to the Well, I was abit disappointing for the game not unleashing more demons at me.

Just imagine if this game was PC only, or the PC version was different to the console one in saying that it could have mods, more graphics detail (dead gibs/bodies for one being left), more enemies etc. I would totally dig this.

5) The boss fights were interesting but I found the hell guards (the crab looking guys defending the crucible) to be the hardest boss to deal with. The first one with the green shield. The other two were easy to deal with afterwards but the first one was a PITA.

6) Unlike what most have said, I think the story was surprisingly effective in its delivery. It wasn't getting way into the gameplay but that being said, the story had quite abit of depth imo. The question is though.. who was that demonic voice telling the other demons to kill the doomslayer? the spider mastermind or some other high up demon lord e.g. satan?

Looking forward to the sequel/prequel. They have built a strong foundation for the Doom "re-imagining" even with some flaws. So if there was a wishlist, I hope they get even more demons on screen, focus more on the PC because we have the hardware to do it! and maybe work on the gun dynamics a little bit.

Its kind of weird but now I understand why other doomers are disappointed because were left wanting more which is so rare with FPSes these days especially single player. I feel exactly the same way wanting more (bigger arenas, more demons, more demons, bigger bosses, more demons).

Just my 2 cents.

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I agree apart from the size of the fights I found the last couple of levels the fights seemed pretty large and it felt like a bit of a slog. That could just be because at that point I was struggling with the difficulty and dieng many times.

The hell guard was hard until I worked out you could shoot the glowing shot he makes and it blows up in his face doing decent damage. I found the spider mastermind hardest that health pool was insane.

Glad I didn't turn the difficulty down from UV though it's a great feeling when you finish a game that's actually challenged you.

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