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Scary music?

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There are lots of bits of audio, and I assume someone skillful in sound editing could piece together these bits and create something meaningful. E.g. scary music, or something more memorable than all the stock audio. Has anyone tried it?

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It can be done. But the sounds in the audio bits aren't exactly horror-centric sounds. They're more so rock and metal sounds, sound meant to make something action pack. Then theres the drums, which are more for jazzu songs, i guess. And synths are for technos

BUT HORROR CAN WORK. Fuck, if people get scared of ducks, then some scary sounds can be done with the sounds.

But that requires musical knowlege to pull off right.

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That is pretty close to a Horror Style map. The sound was done well. I'm assuming it was some stock sound but reduced heavily via pitch?

The lighting / atmosphere effect can get annoying fast though. Sadly it doesn't seem like you can trigger the atmosphere to change, which could of had so much potential.

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