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Is it possible to take beta elements, such as weapons, into the final game?

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I know it is possible to take things such as levels from the beta release and put the into the final game as I have done it before, but I was wondering if it is possible/how to take the versions of the BFG and Plasma Gun found in the press release WAD and put them into the final game.


P.S. You can find the press release beta here: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/historic/doomprbt

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I was able to put the rifle back in thanks to some help from others using the whacked editor, I imagine you could edit the states of the BFG to fire multiple projectiles at once by editing the time for refire states but I have no idea to make projectiles puke everywhere and all that would do is make the BFG full auto.

Perhaps you could use the 5 unused states to make 5 more fire states to the BFG to make it change projectiles?

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