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Solid Plissken

Any advice for my DOOM episode replacement?

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The wad is my first attempt att making an episode wad, it's an E4 replacement. I'm going for a classic DOOM feel,however I'll be editing the wad in Zdoom in Hexen format.
First half is going to be Tech-Base other will be Hellish.
Give me any advice on ambushes, monster placements,ammo placements, texturing and detailing, tricks and traps and boss fights.

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I'd suggest you present your wad when it's near completion and you feel it is polished and presentable. Then once you have something to show, ask people for recommendations on how it could be improved and tweaked.

Make sure to create non-linear maps with careful attention to texture alignment.

As for monster placement, traps etc. Really just do whatever creates the most enjoyable gameplay experience. Good luck.

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Keep it simple.

Start with a large grid like 32 or 64 and design basic floor plan for each map. Sometimes it takes a long time to complete a map so designate the start and exit areas early so it's easy to come back to in case you decide to take a break.

Use smaller grid to create doors, stairs, windows and switches. Don't detail anything until your map is functional and able to be completed.

Go light on detail since its based on a classic episode. Focus on things that make big impact. Large pillars, windows that show the outside area, tall ceilings, low ceilings, skylights, small rooms that open up into large rooms etc.

Give the player a gun early on in each map. Doesnt matter what gun, just don't make the player work too hard for it. Berserk is a weapon too.

When placing monsters, make your maps too hard then work backwards. It's easier to do and generally results in a more fun map to play.

Don't reduce monsters for easier skill levels. Change them to easier monsters instead. i.e. flag a chaingunner to Hard only, then put an imp on top of it and flag it to Easy and Medium only

Areas that the player already cleared are safe zones. Place monsters in positions where they attack from two or more angles at once. Use linedef triggers to open monster closets or teleport monsters in places where the player may run to hide.

Barrels are a fun way to use hard monsters without giving the player a powerful weapon.

If a monster is easy to kill and easy to avoid, just delete it. Monsters that are boring to kill are better off not being in the map at all.

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40oz said:

Areas that the player already cleared are safe zones...
...Use linedef triggers to open monster closets or teleport monsters in places where the player may run to hide.

Id be careful if you heed this piece of advice. Doing this appeals to certain players, but not all. Don't overdo trapping safe areas.

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