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Lightning Zapped Computer (or, why these wads aren't recommended for coop?)

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According to the Co-op Certification Laboratory, Hell to Pay, DSV, World, KZDOOM3 and KBOOM12 all have coop related issues. However, due to having their computer "zapped by lighting", nobody who did the research themselves know what these issues are. Can somebody explain?

Also, I find it amusing that despite the age of the site, Eternal Doom 3 isn't mentioned *at all*. I heard that there are issues with at least map02 though...

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I've seen some Eternal Doom coop servers ages ago on zdaemon, I think that there was a event for this mod some month ago....

For the other maps I don't know, try create a new server with one of these maps on coop / survival mode...

maybe people like rhinoduck or Keyboard_Doomer will be more helpful than me... but just try to do what I wrote above, maybe if I have some time i'll try to do this myself...

The DSV series (the one made by Kaiser, right?) are for zdoom compatible ports only, right? Maybe it could works for zdaemon, but I think that on Zandronum will work for sure...

Anyway I never heard of that website and judging by the wads they talked about it must be a old site...

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Common issues may be lack of ammo/weapon pickups (and no, respawning items does not always solve these problems, if ammo is scarce to begin with, unless all players have limitless patience and perfect solidarity) or one-time actions that lock out entire areas of the map. E.g. one player dying inside a trap (which contains a necessary key or switch in order to progress) is a common occurrence, or sealing of the start area etc.

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