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[WIP] Deep Into Space

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This will be an episode 1 replacement for vanilla Ultimate Doom, so this is being tested with Chocolate Doom.

Map progress:
e1m1: 99% done. haven't tested multiplayer yet, no deathmatch starts set. There is a small tutti fruti effect in the area with the crates. I did everything I could to fix it, but so far, it only glitches up when the player moves.
e1m2: 5% done
e1m3-9: 0% done.

To do:
- Maybe add a few new textures.
- Finish the rest of the maps.
- Finish the new HUD.

The amazing history


Some years later after hell on earth, the UAC decided to stop fooling around with teleporters and instead decided to focus on space exploration and mining on other planets.

The UAC base in the distant planet of Tei Tenga has not been answering radio calls in the past few days, but suddenly the base sends the next radio message "THE-_-_ N IS BEI-_-_ SHED AND W-_-_ T SEND ANY SP-_-_ PS OR THE-_-_ SHOT DOW-_ - _".

You and 5 other marines are sent to investigate the base on Tei Tenga. After some time, your spaceship reaches the planet and as it starts aproaching the UAC base, a giant explosion sound is heard coming from the base and a gigantic plasma blast is going at full speed towards your spaceship and next thing you know, your spaceship has crash landed, 2 of the other marines died in the crash landing and know its just you and 3 other marines (if you play multiplayer).

You send a distress signal towards the UAC base on mars so they can come and pick you and the other marines up, but you quickly realise something, you must get to the cannon that shot down your ship and destroy it before the UAC rescue spaceship comes or else they will be shot down too.


Credits to:
- Future Military Conquests (FUTURMIL.mid - D_E1M1) from Duke Nukem 3D by Lee Jackson
- New sky from 1993res.wad


Feedback is highly appreciated and will help me improve my mapping skeelz and will also probably motivate me to finish this wad in the near future.

EDIT: Thanks for the feedback! I have slightly updated the download now, changes include: Retexturing of the crate area and windows added to crate area (See screenshots), Chainsaw removed, 2 new secret areas added!

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I love this. Very rudimentary and peaceful in a classic way that makes me feel nostalgic. The sky and music are both quite nice too.

The crate room is ugly as hell :P, and maybe the map could use an extra secret or two, given how straightforward it is. I feel the crate room especially is a good place for one, maybe something involving jumping from the climbable stack to somewhere else (maybe another crate). But overall good work.

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Good opening map I kinda liked it. The length was good and what not but I didn't find any secrets. I think I played HMP so it was a little too easy but besides that it was good. The map felt really vanilla kinda like my first mapset and that's a good thing. I didn't see the tutti frutti bc I was playing Pr_Boom but I have a demo for you

FDA: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kkvid280b7d3djb/DepSpace_TheNerdTurtle2demo.lmp?dl=0

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